Quality matters (and dudes scrap, too!)

Quality Matters

As CM Advisor and Content Contributor Fran Smitherman shared on her blog recently, quality matters when it comes to photo album preservation. There’s no substitute for the peace of mind that comes with placing treasured photos into an album that will stand the test of time – and then some. Read about CM’s high-quality, long-lasting products.

Fran shared an example of an album that was (quite literally) crumbling apart. It was an album of her grandfather’s (Paw Paw) from his law school days. The memories showcased were amazing, but they were quickly becoming destroyed in the old album. Fran carefully plucked the memorabilia from his album and placed it into a Creative Memories Album where it now will be around for generations! Priceless! Click to read full post

Have you discovered CM Designer Cardstock?

Creative Memories Page Layout

Have you had a chance to try out this fun paper yet? The Shades of Designer Cardstock has a really nice feel and is lightly textured on both sides. One side has a hatch texture and the other side has vertical ‘lines’ of texture.

The Designer Cardstock has a white core. I’ll admit it…I used to run away when I saw cardstock with a white core. I LOVED CMs solid cardstock & was happy and content to use only that. Turns out I was missing out on something pretty neat!! I still love my solid cardstock – this is not a substitute for that it’s just another item in my crafty toolbox. (CM is working hard to find a source up to their standards for solid core cardstock. You know I’ll let you know when that happens!) This paper is very versatile! You can get a different looks with just a bit of work. Click to read full post