Project Ideas: Fun Punch Art with CM Tools Series – Vol. 1

Punch up the fun on your scrapbook page layouts with totally fun page embellishments! First in our series of punch art ideas, Creative Team member Stefani Jones has come up with some of the cutest little additions to your pages. Create them in any color to match your scrapbook or paper craft projects. Continue reading Project Ideas: Fun Punch Art with CM Tools Series – Vol. 1

The Stories Behind Your Photos

While it is true that a picture is worth a thousand words, you still need to say something about it.

In the scrapbook world, we call it journaling, and it’s really important. I know that this is a daunting task for some.  Journaling and storytelling do not come easily to everyone.  I’m a writer, so it’s very natural for me, but even I am sometimes afraid to write too much in my albums.  I kind of figure that no one’s going to read it all, and I’m nervous about messing it up, ruining my perfect page! Journaling is the hardest thing to correct on a scrapbook page – you can’t usually cover it with a sticker. (Although, I did once cover a spelling mistake with sequins.) Continue reading The Stories Behind Your Photos

Fun with One: Monochromatic Scrapbook Layouts

In my day job I’m an art teacher, and one of my favorite art topics to teach is color theory. I find color fascinating – the scientific principles behind it, the emotional aspect it has on us, and how we as artists can manipulate and use it in our artworks. My students like learning about and using various color schemes in their art, and I find that I rely a lot of these color rules when I create scrapbook layouts as well. Today I want to share a color scheme “lesson” that might at first sound boring, but can create very dramatic and impactful scrapbook pages. Continue reading Fun with One: Monochromatic Scrapbook Layouts

One Scrapbook Page Three Ways

From super simple pocket scrapbook page layouts to more complicated traditional layouts created from scratch, Creative Memories offers three ways to get your photos in an album. Today I’m going to share all three ways to create a layout using the beautiful Fresh Picks Collection and the 6 photos shown here. Continue reading One Scrapbook Page Three Ways

Creative Scrapbook Page Titles

Scrapbook page titles and album beginnings can be very simple or very elaborate, but the most important thing is that they tell the story! We are going to highlight a few fun ways to add titles to your scrapbook pages with some of the tools Creative Memories currently has to offer – hopefully these ideas will inspire you to put your own spin on them. Continue reading Creative Scrapbook Page Titles

Predesigned Scrapbook Pages – so easy to customize!

In today’s fast-paced world, shortcuts are always nice. And, when they result in beautifully complete scrapbook albums, that’s even better!

Just in case you’ve not yet discovered the joy you’ll experience when scrapbooking with Creative Memories Fast2Fab (short for Fast 2 Fabulous) Predesigned Pages, you’re missing out on a whole lot of goodness. Available in themes that showcase events like Graduation, Baby, Birthday, Travel, Wedding and more. And, with just a few tiny modifications, you can turn any page that was designed to be used for a specified theme into something completely different. Continue reading Predesigned Scrapbook Pages – so easy to customize!