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Getting back to school is not my favourite time of year as I love having the children around the house without the busy school schedules, but once they are back we work into the schedule quickly.  I do love taking back to school photos though!

I few years ago I started taking a photo on the first day of school and the last day of school on the front step to show the difference in the children throughout their school year.  They always mature quite a bit through the school year, but the biggest difference is their growth.  I love the Bookworm digital kit with all of the school related embellishments, but what I really love is the colours as they are muted primary colours.

I used the notebook paper for the background which is my favourite and papers reduced in size for mats layered under the matted photos.  I also used the chalk board journal mats to display titles.  The subtle details in the paper and embellishments are perfect for school photos such as the chalk board feel, the lined and hold punched paper and the best is the alphabet border.

2016 Page Prints - Page 044

The Bookworm kit is perfect for school aged children, but it is also works just fine with my university girl!  I tried to go with a bulletin board feel for this page that you would find in a university dorm room.  I love that this school kit has pink for those first days of school when my daughter wears pink!


I added a close up photo of Lauren and featured it with a polaroid type frame, added the school year in a text box, a chevron and a star embellishment to add a bit of colour to the frame.

For this page I divided the page in half with the ruler border and on the right side of the page I enlarged a photo mat to fill that side of the page.  The pink chevron pattern is fantastic!  I added a paper clip and brads with a couple journal mats and we have a bulletin board page!  Don’t forget to add your light and heavy shadows to give it the bulletin board feel!


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    1. Thanks Eve! The fonts on the First and Last Day of School are – Colleged, Chalk Line Outline, A Year Without Rain and 1942 Report. The fonts on the Fresh Start page are Colleged and Mom’s Typewriter.

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