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Hi everyone. I must admit, I have a thing for little pouches and when I first saw this cute little pouch, I knew I had to have it. And I did not want it for the pens. I wanted it for the pouch since my favorite color is blue.

Don’t get me wrong, I can find many usages for this pretty rainbow color marker set. There are a few ways these pens will come in handy. Here are a few ideas that come to mind. I could:

•   Doodle fun borders in whatever color I want, besides my normal black.
•   I could create fun faux stitching on my projects.
•   I could try my hand at drawing little shapes using the markers, coloring them in and         using foam squares to adhere them to my projects to use as a fun die cut.
•   I could use the bold tip of the markers to create a background of different colors that         look similar to a brushed background.
•   I could use these the good old fashion way, by hand-journaling my story using                     different colors to help brighten my story.
•   Or I could get creative and draw different celestial patterns onto white cardstock to            create a fun background for my project.

Here is a layout I created using all of these techniques! I created this layout using White Cardstock, Foam Squares and the Dual-Tip Pens. That is it!

Me_Creative Memories_Nicole Martel 001

Here is a closer look at the color splashed background with the little hearts. I drew the hearts onto White Cardstock then cut them out with scissors and applied them onto the layout using foam squares.



I used a circle cutting system to draw a circle then I doodled without the circles, different designs and colored them in using the Dual-Tip Pens. This was very therapeutic for me. :)


Then I used the pens to hand-journal my title and journaling! Super fun and easy to do.


What do you think about these adorable pens? Do you have any ideas of your own on how you could use these gorgeous colors on your next project? Click here to purchase yours today!

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