Thanksgiving Dinner Place Cards

Countryside Comfort is perfect for Thanksgiving table favours with the rich fall colours featured in both the traditional and digital collections.

I don’t just use my digital content for scrapbook pages.  It can be incorporated into so many areas of my life!  For today’s project I used digital content and traditional products to create table place cards for Thanksgiving dinner for our family.


To create this project, you will need:

I started with a 4 x 6 portrait size card for each place card and I used Countryside Comfort digital kit to design each place card differently.  You could make them all the same and just swap out the names, but I love to design so made each one differently.  I used Burnt Orange ABC123 digital letters to personalize each place card.  You certainly can use traditional ABC123 if you like, but with digital you will never run out of a letter that is used a lot.


I placed a deep shadow on the letters and they pop off of the card.

4 x 6 Cards Portrait - Page 001

On some of the cards I left space for traditional embellishments to be added.  I doubled the “celebrate” laser cut digital embellishment to give depth to the page.


On this card I added three Countryside Comfort digital embellishments and added heavy shadows.


After I was finished designing my cards digitally I printed them as 4 x 6 photos, added my traditional embellishments with foam squares and folded to make tent cards.


On some of the cards I added decorations to the front and back of the cards.


What a fun way to make your Thanksgiving place settings beautiful and personalized!


Everyone around the table gets to enjoy the decorations when both sides of the place card is decorated.


Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Canada- October 9, 2017
  • United States- November 24, 2017



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  1. Beth, they are beautiful! I’ve never thought about decorating the back of place cards so have a new idea. Your table setting is also stunning!

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