6 Simple Steps to a Stunning Starburst Scrapbooking Border


Think a standalone punch can only be used for creating individual cut-outs for your scrapbook layouts and projects? Think again! Creative Memories Independent Advisor Rachael DelVecchio came up with a genius idea this past weekend using the new Starburst Punch… check it out!

To make the Starburst Punch Scrapbooking Border you’ll need:



Step 1: Using the Starburst Punch, punch out 17-18 starbursts for the border design. Then, punch 8 more starbursts of the 2nd color for the top design, keeping the centers. Using the Daisy Bouquet Punch, punch 8 small Daisies using the same color as the first colored starbursts or colors of your choice.

Step 2: Cut a piece of paper to measure 2-1/4″ x 12″ for the base of this border.

Step 3: Use Repositionable Adhesive to make it easier to readjust if things don’t line up.  Start the first star with the point facing “north” and then adhere the second star and line up the west-east bars to match the first star and repeat across with 16 stars.


Step 4: I purposely work off the border base because I think it’s easier, or line the design on the base once it is all together. Now, when you’ve lined the design on the base you will notice the ends may need an added piece; just fill in the ends and trim the edges.


Step 5: Using the second color Cardstock, adhere to the centers of the starburst and then add the daisy on top of that. Add bling as desired.

Rachael Delvecchio_Starburst Punch

Step 6: Adhere this border to your base or right onto your scrapbooking layout.

Rachael Delvecchio
Rachael DelVecchio – CM Independent Advisor

So, what do you think? We think you better go order the Starburst Punch now!

– Rachael

19 thoughts on “6 Simple Steps to a Stunning Starburst Scrapbooking Border

  1. I did order it yesterday!!! Just firctgat purpose!! Saw your post from Daytona CnC and LOVE this idea! Thank you so much for sharing! I hope to make a couple samples before my next crop & sell a few Starburst Border Punches!

  2. Just got my punch- can’t wait to try this border and show it off at my next workshop! LOVE!

    1. Way to go Rachael! I always read the blog posts, but what a surprise to see a familiar face. Great border, as always!

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