Get a Taste of Textile Scrapbooking Borders

Scrapbooking border ideas with the Textile Paper Packs are endless! It’s fun to use your imagination to come up with different options with each and every collection. They are endless options of tools you can use to create scrapbooking borders, but keep reading to find out what tools I used!


These strip and swell borders will be a fantastic addition to any scrapbooking layout. To make these scrapbooking borders you’ll need:


Using the swell edge of the Decorative Trimmer, cut a 1-1/2″ x 12″ strip with one paper and a 1-1/4″ x 12″ strip with another paper. Adhere together as shown.

Using the Circle Weave Border Maker Cartridge, punch a border with a third paper and add to the swell border.

Choose five papers (I picked lots of different colors and textures for more interest) and cut a 1″ x 12″ strip of each. Trim these to 2″ lengths and adhere side by side on a 2″ x 12″ strip of Cardstock.

Mount swell border on top of pieced border, overlapping so that the final width of the border is 2-1/2″.


Below I’ve used the same border “recipe” but mixed in some papers from different collections along with the Timber, Stone and Cloth papers.

NOTE: I won’t tell you which papers to use here. I’ll leave it to you to find your own favorites. I know you will love the unique looks you come up with to create these strip and swell borders.


Bee Mine Collection

I love how cute the Bee Mine paper looks with the light wood paper, knitted and stitched white cloth papers! For this scrapbook border, I used the Heart Chain Border Maker Cartridge and added stickers and embellishments from the Bee Mine Collection.


Countryside Comfort Collection

The Countryside Comfort Collection is meant to go with the Timber and Cloth Paper Packs! This time I subbed in the Lace Flower Chain Border Maker Cartridge and added Countryside Comfort stickers and embellishments.

I think I like just about every combination with the Textile Collection. Which ones are your favorite?!


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