Insider View: Earn Extra Income As a Creative Memories Advisor!


Love to network, share memories and looking for a second income as a side hustle? Become a Creative Memories Advisor! If you’re familiar with direct sales and social selling, you’ve probably heard a lot about “Career Plans,” which are often crazy-complicated. So what about our plan?

Our plan is as straightforward and easy as it gets! It’s based on your annual order volume; the more you and your customers order over the course of 12 months, the more you earn. And you can start earning on a team right from the start.

It’s a pretty great gig… getting paid to scrapbook and show others how. If you’re curious about how it works, CM Advisors get paid weekly profit on customers’ orders and their own orders. When Advisors welcome team members to CM, they get paid on their sales, too. And the more Advisors grow their business, the more they earn.

Advisors approach their business in all different ways. Some Advisors do it part time, some full-time. Some focus on sales, some on team building and some on both.

This is from the Advisor-only Facebook group where Advisors post their latest layouts and projects, share their accomplishments and experience and ask each other questions. Recently an Advisor asked the group what the benefit was to team building since the earning percentage is higher when selling products. Here’s an excerpt of their conversation.


Lisa Thurman – “I can only speak for myself but I have signed up many of my customers. At first I was worried about losing commission (I’m level 5) but they are ordering MORE now! They see the weekly Advisor emails, order to make their own projects, and come to my events/crops excited about the products. That gets my whole group excited!”

Ellen Evanoff – “I ask everyone who makes an order over $200 if they have considered signing up as an Advisor. Sometimes they say yes and sometimes they say no. But those who have said yes buy on average 3-5 times more than they did before because they reach folks I couldn’t and they shop for friends. They become their own best customer and cumulatively it adds up. An example might help: below is the summary of my retail sales for the first part of January. Nearly half of my profit is from the 8% commission I earn on team sales. Those 20 transactions represent 13 different people. Only two of the 13 represented are working it as a full-time business, the others buy for themselves and sell to their friends. I didn’t grow this overnight and there are dips when a beloved customer jumps in, but in the long term investing in people is good. I think it’s important for those of you who are just starting to see what it can look like if you are consistent and persistent.”


Heather Hall – “I was once that hobbyist many years ago and, once I signed up, I caught the bug and became a strong seller. Not only did I buy more, for myself and for my customers, but I also welcomed team members. The answer isn’t in the $$$ right away, the answer is in the POTENTIAL and in the RELATIONSHIP. If customers want to sign up for the discount and you don’t offer it, they can sign up under another Advisor and you’ve lost that relationship.”

Lianne Griffin – “I LOVE the compensation plan at new CM! I’m getting paid way more money now than I ever was, with downlines AND customers.”

Lori Davis – “I joined as a hobbyist under my Advisor – she lost some of my money, but I gained in the end: I have access to everything, I get a discount on my personal orders and I order more, too.”

Eileen Mikielian – “I firmly believe it’s about them not about me. If a person wants to sign on who am I to say no. It’s just more people spreading the love.” 

If you like the idea of being a part of an active community like this one, earning extra cash and spreading some joy, you can learn more about becoming an Advisor and our current join offer here, and if you’d like to connect with an Advisor near you, you’re welcome to use our Advisor locator.

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  1. I have been given an assignment in my speech class to Demonstrate scrapbooking and the history of it. Is there anything you company can do to assist me in this.

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