Create a Scrapbook Layout by Mixing Patterns with the Textile Collection


Hi, everyone! Have you seen the Cloth, Timber and Stone papers? WOW, the patterns are gorgeous! It really was hard selecting only a few patterns on my layout because I wanted to use them all. Keep reading to find out what patterns I decided on!

A few weeks ago, my son was really sick for 5 days. One night, he asked if I would snuggle with him and watch Woody Woodpecker with him in his bed. While we were watching the movie, I whipped out my phone to take a few pictures. The pictures are a little dark and we aren’t looking our best, but it’s about sharing those moments!!! That is why I am scrapbooking in the first place. :)


To create this 12×12 scrapbook layout, you will need:

To begin, I used the white stone paper for the base of the layout. Then, I used the 12-inch Straight Trimmer to cut the white timber patterned paper down to 11″ x 11″ and adhered it to the center of the base. Next, I cut a strip of the brown timber paper to measure 12″ x  1/4″  then added it to the left side of the white patterned paper to create a thin border.


I used the Custom Cutting System and the Circle Patterns to cut three circles (red blade inside the circle) to cut through the patterns. Then, I flipped the page over and covered the holes using other patterns from the Stone, Timber and Cloth Paper Packs.

Once my circles were complete, I matted my photo strip to the white cloth paper, tearing the left side and adhered it with another strip to the layout as shown. I used Foam Squares to use the scraps from when I cut the background circles to overlap the other circles.


While I was creating this layout, I thought the Archiver’s™ Laser Cut Embellishments and Laser Cut Borders would look fantastic with the color palette… so I pulled them out and used them to embellish the layout. I am loving this layout so much!


To complete the layout, I used a Black-Dual Tip Pen to hand-journal my story. Have you used these paper packs yet? I am in love! And if you have boys, these patterns and embellishments are perfect for documenting those family moments.

Thanks so much for stopping by today! I can’t wait to see what others do with these paper packs and embellishments. Comment below and tell us your thoughts!


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    Is there something you can adjust, or do I have to do it?

    June Jordan


    1. Hi June –
      Yesterday that was the case that you got 2 email notifications as we had a technical difficulty posting the blog post, but normally you should only be getting one email from us per blog post. Unless you are subscribed to more than one countries blog.

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  2. Nicole, I must be late to the party, but I’m trying to figure out why you used two rows of the same photos on your layout? Isn’t the one strip enough? I’ve seen that technique used before on other sites as well, and I guess I don’t understand what’s up with that. If the creator doesn’t think the photos take up enough room on the page, couldn’t they just be enlarged instead of having two of the same photo strips? Just curious. Otherwise, I love the page! I’ve got a feeling I will not be resisting these new collections much longer. I hope they are in digital format. They are great. :-)

    1. Hi Barbara, I likes the way it looks with two side by side. One feels too playing to me. Also, I prefer working with smaller sized photos when creating. It works for me…😁

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