Origami Butterfly Tutorial Using the Secret Garden Paper Pack

Who is lovin’ on the Secret Garden collection!? We sure are! You may have noticed the origami butterflies in a few of our marketing images for the collection… today, we are going to teach you how we made them. Let’s get started!


What You’ll Need to Create These Butterflies:

Step 1: You will need to ensure you have squares for the folding design. I have cut mine into 5″, 7″ and 9″ squares. You can use your trimmer to cut these into squares as desired.

Step 2: Take one square, fold it in half. Unfold the half, rotate it 90 degrees and fold it in half again. Unfold it yet again and this time fold your paper into a triangle, rotate and fold into yet another triangle. Once unfolded, your paper will have a star of folds on it.

Step 3: Keep the paper unfolded for your next step, ensuring the design you want to see is on the bottom. Now, pinch the center of the fold, so they meet as shown. It will look like a bow-tie.

Step 4: Due to the folds you have already made, keep the center pinched and fold in the other sides until it forms a triangle.

Step 5: The triangle will have a wing-like fold, as it is layered paper. Take each side and fold them back, to meet in the center. While the wing-like folds are still folded in, flip it over to the other side. Where they meet you will fold back the paper to meet the opposite side of the triangle. Fold it over the opposing side, so it holds on tightly. Right where you have it folded, tighten it and it will now have a butterfly shape.

Step 6: Now repeat in varying sizes until you have the desired number of butterflies you want!

These butterflies are great for party decorations, to use as bows on gifts, perfect for a shadow box in your home décor and more! Comment below to tell us if you are going to try and make these!

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  1. Yes, I am going to use it for a bulletin board at school and I will teach my 3rd graders how to make them. They will love it!

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