Sail Away with Sun-Kissed Digital Layouts

One of my absolute favorite places to spend time is at the beach so you can imagine my excitement when I saw the Sun-Kissed collection! Our family went on an amazing cruise vacation for Christmas this year and I have lots and lots of photos that will work perfectly with all of the designer papers and embellishments from Sun-Kissed. I am inspired to get working on my album and hope you are too. Let’s get started!

What You’ll Need to Create These Digital Layouts:


For this cluster, I resized a full-sized paper to a small square for a photo mat, turned it a 45-degree angle, added some elements and a shadow to make them pop!


My photo mats are actually journal boxes because they were the perfect size for my photos and I pushed them together in the center to make them appear joined.


Add the photos and no one ever knows they were originally journal boxes.


For my next page, I used the heart in the sand photo mat, which matched my photos wonderfully!


I used the photo mat as my background, and because of the high quality, the resolution is great!


Stacking embellishments is always fun, and I like to make them stand out from each other. For the flip-flop embellishment, I added a shadow on the right and then added a second shadow on the left.

Enjoy creating your Sun-Kissed layouts. Comment below and tell us what you are using the Sun-Kissed collection for!


10 thoughts on “Sail Away with Sun-Kissed Digital Layouts

      1. I use Artisan to create my pages and the way I add a shadow is quite simple in this program. Go to the Format ribbon at the top and then click on Light, Heavy or Custom in Shadows. Hope this was helpful.

  1. I am a newby to this. How do you do digital layouts? Do you have to upload your pictures to a site? Sorry if I seem slow but I have never done this before but I love it!

    1. Hi Holly,
      You need to have a software program on your computer to create pages. You then upload your photos and the content and start creating!

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