#FeatureFriday – Go Behind The Scenes with the Designer of the Locally Grown Foodie Collection

For many, the farmers market is a relaxing place full of happy people, great food and an overall atmosphere that can’t be beat. For our Product Designer and Illustrator Alex, it also served as an inspiration for the Locally Grown foodie collection, which is themed off of farmers markets and summer mornings. Today, let’s go behind the scenes to find out what Alex had to say about her thought process for putting together this collection!

Meet the Designer

Alex-Creative-Memories-Designer.jpgAlex has been working with us as a product designer and illustrator for about a year now. She started in July 2017, right before taking off for a three-week trip through France (whoops!). Before working for Creative Memories, she was a freelance illustrator and graphic designer. Spending that much time working alone at home (talking to her pets) finally started to take its toll… she was thrilled to join a team again, and now she happily spends her days making art for you fine folks. Other collections she has designed so far include Bee MineFull BloomSun-KissedO CanadaLumberjack, Best in Show and many more to come! Outside of work, Alex loves to work (haha), as pattern-making is one of her hobbies. She likes to cook, travel, read nerdy sci-fi novels and snuggle with her aforementioned pets, Larry (dog!) and Alphonse (cat!). She’s also in the process of planning her wedding, set for late August.


What Inspired This Collection?

“Farmers markets in the spring and summertime! When they told me I was doing a farmers market collection, I said, “Pinch me!” I go almost every week, either with my girlfriends, my fiancé or to have a relaxing morning alone. The experience of the market is a thing in and of itself, but there is so much more to it! I love being able to support my fellow Minnesotans by buying locally grown produce, protein, plants and treats!”


What’s Your Favorite Thing to get at the Farmers market?

“I don’t really know why, but I always end up with $1 green onions (that are approximately three feet long). I can never use that many green onions, but for $1? No brainer.”

How Would You Describe the Color Palette?

“The palette is light, bright and cheerful! The spectrum is pretty broad (which we needed to represent all the natural splendor of the market), with lime greens, kelly greens, butter yellows, pinks, peaches, cranberry and shades of navy blue.”


How Would You Describe the Papers? Do You Have a Favorite Design?

“Going to the farmers market is my No. 1 favorite activity. I love the bright, friendly atmosphere and all the delicious and colorful food. So I just wanted to make sure everything was as cheerful as could be. The papers are done in a quirky style: vector shapes filled with expressive texture. There is a flower stand paper that can easily be cut into strips, veggies, bicycles, peaches, gingham, citrus, berries, lettuce and a mat pack option to include your favorite recipes to make with locally grown goods. My favorite paper is the one with all the citrus. Grapefruit and lemons – is there anything more summery?”

What is Unique About the Collection?

“This collection was illustrated in a very distinct manner; intentionally but with some quirks (much like the goods at any farmers market). I did a slightly different design process than I ever have before and learned a lot of things from a digital-artwork standpoint. I feel the new approach (kind of graphic, but kind of imperfect) was really successful and matched the vision I had going into the design process.”


What Do You Envision This Collection Being Used For?

“Photos at the market, girlfriends’ day, picnics, spring and summer, birthdays, parties, family reunions and so much more. I love that this can be used outside the traditional means… and while it is a food-related line, it could be used for so many events and memories. ‘Cheerful and bright’ matches most of the things you want to remember, right?”

What Was the Most Difficult Thing About Designing This Collection? Would You Change Anything?

“The most difficult thing was limiting the number of designs I could make. I had oodles more in my pocket ready to go! So, if I could, there would be 36 papers instead of just 12. 😊”


What is Your Favorite Sticker?

“I love the ‘totes adorbs’ tote sticker because I’m a sucker for puns and totes!”


So, that’s what Alex has to say about the Locally Grown collection! What are your thoughts?

If you’re looking to make the perfect summer, farmers market or foodie scrapbook layout, Locally Grown is a popular choice and it’s easy to see why! From the beautiful illustrations to the cute stickers and the bright, cheerful colors, it’ll make you feel like it’s a Saturday morning in the summer no matter where you are.

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  1. It is a darling paper set! We have a farmer’s market just down the street on Saturday morning that totally reflects the fun-loving attitude this paper exudes!

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