Sun-Kissed Fast2Fab™ for Easy, Breezy Beach Layouts

Summertime usually means that you are spending some time vacationing with your family. These vacations come with a lot of memories, but how can you best do these memories justice in your scrapbook? The Sun-Kissed Fast2Fab™ album makes for an abundance of easy summer scrapbook layout ideas that can make every vacation look as amazing as it was. In today’s post, blog contributor Krislyn shares how she uses these pages to lovingly show her trips without spending a lot of time and energy. Interested? Read on!

Krislyn’s Inspiration:

Coming back from a vacation is so hard, isn’t it? Whenever I return from a trip, I’m exhausted and feeling a little down that it’s all over. I hurry to edit and print my photos and like to get them into an album quickly while the memories are fresh. At this point, the last thing I need is a super-time-consuming project! That’s why I LOVE using Fast2Fab™ albums for my vacations. Okay, I use them for everything, but they are especially wonderful for getting trip albums done quickly.

Sun-Kissed-Borders-Creative-Memories4The beautiful preprinted pages of the Sun-Kissed Fast2Fab™ album are a lifesaver for anyone with beachy, sunny vacations to scrapbook… before the tan even fades away! Take a look at a few ideas and see if you agree.

To create these layouts you’ll need:

Escape Layout

Sun-Kissed-Fast2Fab-Layouts-Creative-Memories-3I LOVE creating several borders with a collection and then using them throughout my Fast2Fab™ album. I think they spice up and personalize the layouts. Here, I mounted my border on the preprinted “border” on the left-hand page. Do you recall seeing this border on a previous blog post? You can find it here along with instructions to make it.

Oftentimes when I make a border, I’ll copy some parts of it to make a smaller, simpler coordinating border on the opposite page as a way to tie the whole layout together. To make the border on the right, punch a border using the Double Chevron Border Maker Cartridge and green patterned paper. Trim to 1″ x 12″. Cut a 1″ x 12″ strip of pink patterned paper to place behind and mount it on the right side of the layout as shown.


I like to play up the preprinted photo boxes when I can. If my photos don’t match up with the orientation on the layout or if I need to accommodate more photos, I often employ a couple of tricks:

  1. I’ll crop some photos in circle or oval shapes and “nestle” them in, overlapping other elements as needed.
  2. I layer my photo with a ruled mat, covering the preprinted box with the added bonus of a journal box! Here, I matted a photo on the opposite page with a mat as well to tie it together.


Nothing But Blue Skies Layout

The Sun-Kissed Fast2Fab™ has some really cool photo pages and papers! I wanted to emphasize that unique feature with this layout so my photos would really stand out.


First, I created the simple border on the bottom left. Using the Rolling Waves Border Maker Cartridge, punch a border with Peacock Blue Cardstock. Trim to 1-3/4″ x 12″ and mount to the bottom of the page. Punch a border with the Medallion Frame Chain Border Maker Cartridge with White Cardstock, trim off a couple of shapes and mount on the waves. Punch another white and a peacock blue medallion frame chain, trim off a few shapes and mount as shown to the top right of the layout. Why did I choose the Medallion Frame Chain Border Maker Cartridge? Two reasons: It has a bit of an art deco vibe that goes with this collection and its delicate shape allows more of the cool background to show behind.

Sun-Kissed-Fast2Fab-Layouts-Creative-Memories-6I needed to fit more photos on my layout so I trimmed four photos to measure 4″ x 4″, rounded the corners and mounted them at an angle within the preprinted photo boxes. I journaled directly on the page (again, so the beach scene showed behind) and I added the “Beach Days” border stickers and the “Nothing But Blue Skies” sticker with Foam Squares.

The final touch: seagulls made by punching several hearts with White and Cloud Cardstock and lopping off the tops.

These beach scrapbook layout ideas are the perfect way to make each location look as beautiful on the page as it was on the actual trip. Scrapbooking is all about capturing the essence of a moment and the Sun-Kissed Fun2Fab™ album does a great job at doing just that!

Thanks for taking a peek! What vacations of yours are waiting to be preserved and savored?


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  1. Wish I could see the entire Blue Skies layout. I am a visual learner. Descriptions are nice, but I don’t get a very clear picture in my mind. The Escape layout is so well done , I didn’t even notice it was on pages meant for other orientations! Thanks for the brilliant ideas. :-)

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