5 Hot Summer Scrapbook Collections for 2018

As July comes to an end, you have inevitably racked up quite the collection of summertime photos. Whether they’re from days at the beach, the Fourth of July, trips to the fair or any other summertime activity, you’re likely starting to think about what you want to do with all of these photos. Luckily, we’ve got a wide assortment of different summer scrapbook collections that will make your summertime photos shine. Show off photos of your vacation by the water, your homegrown garden photos and anything in between that screams “summer” to you with these 5 Hot Summer Collections for 2018.



The seagulls are squawking, the waves are crashing and the sun is shining — for the Maritime collection, happiness comes in waves. These nautical scrapbook supplies can transport you to the beach any time you look at them, and the soft and soothing colors relax you the second you lay eyes on them. So many people spend their summer days by the water, and those days bring tons of memories with them. Using the Maritime collection, you are able to bring these memories to life and display them in a way that will make all the landlubbers green with envy (or maybe it’s seasickness).

This collection is also good for commemorating those who serve in the Navy or the Coast Guard. People go to the sea for a multitude of reasons, and those who feel a sense of duty deserve just as much recognition in your scrapbook as your fun summertime memories. The Maritime collection keeps true to the theme of the sea while also giving you plenty of pages to cherish the strength of your loved ones who have served on the sea.

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Locally Grown

Do you love the sounds, smells, tastes and feel of the farmers market on a sunny Saturday morning? The Locally Grown collection has everything you need to create the ultimate foodie scrapbook. This collection is littered with adorable designs and patterns, along with stickers that make your mouth water and your heart warm.

Not the world’s biggest foodie? No problem. One of the best things about this collection is that it’s versatile. The colors and designs work excellent with birthday parties, spring and summer picnics, spending time with girlfriends and anything else your heart desires. Expressive vector patterns can bring any summertime memory to life in a vibrant and exciting way. So, don’t feel limited; Locally Grown truly works for any summer event that makes you happy!

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What’s summer without a trip (or multiple trips) to the beach? The beach is full of sandy toes, sunburnt skin and more than enough laughs and smiles to go around. Beach days are usually some of the most relaxed and fun days that you could possibly have, so it’s important that you have the proper scrapbook layout to capture what a day on the beach is truly like. That’s where Sun-Kissed comes in.

The Sun-Kissed collection comes with everything you need to make your scrapbook feel like it’s 85 degrees and sunny every time you open it. It contains papers that are designed with iconic images and patterns that are symbolic of a day spent under the sun such as palm trees, wavy water, pineapples and more. You also will find enough stickers and embellishments to make your head spin, each with different beach-related sayings or icons that can make any page seem like it came straight from the coastline. Your pictures will shine like the sun when placed on these pages and accessorized with the variety of embellishments and stickers, and you will feel like it’s beach day anytime you peruse your scrapbooks.

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Secret Garden

For the amateur (and professional) botanists of the world, summer represents the peak of gardening season. You spend months laboring over your garden, so it inevitably becomes the background to many of the photos that you end up taking that summer. With the amount of time and effort you spend working on your garden, it would be a waste for you to not create an equally beautiful layout for the photos that you take of your masterpiece.

This is where Secret Garden comes in. Created with a color palette based on the Pantone Color of the Year (Ultra Violet), the Secret Garden collection uses stunning, yet calming watercolor designs and shades that make every page feel like Mother’s Day. The entire collection has an elegant aura to it, and the flower and banner stickers will breathe new life into all of your scrapbooking projects. Many of the design choices are rooted in floral themes that bring a feel of nature and spring to each page.

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Mix & Match

No season has the variety, quantity and quality of colors that summer has. Whether it’s the emerald green grass at your feet, the piercing blue sky above you, the brilliant red of a popsicle or the stunning orange of a sunset, the entire season feels like a kaleidoscope. So, when it comes to creating a summer scrapbook layout, you can’t just settle for something plain and lifeless.

Enter the Mix & Match collection. This is one of our most colorful collections to date in 2018, and it has every color that you could possibly need. Not only are the shades beautiful and coordinated, but the pages also feature designs that utilize floral, geometric and ornate patterns, which add an extra pop. Mix & Match is vibrant and it’s versatile and works well for nearly any theme, including birthdays, Easter, kids’ albums, beach days and more. Do the colors of summer justice by using this collection.

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BONUS: Slice of Summer Mat Pack & Stickers

Although it isn’t a collection, you wouldn’t be able to truly complete your summer albums without the Slice of Summer Mat Pack and Stickers. These supplies are bright, cheerful and absolutely scream summer. The stickers and mats are all designed with summertime fun in mind using icons such as life jackets, suns and beach balls, and sayings like “Catching Waves” and “Lake Life.” Use these to put the finishing touches on your summer layouts and to make fun cards (like the one shown above). Sometimes, all you need is a few stickers and mats to turn a page from looking good to looking great. (Hint – If you love the Slice of Summer Mat Pack and Stickers, act fast because they’re only available while supplies last!)

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So, don’t tell your school-age children and grandchildren, but summer will be over before you know it. The season is notorious for flying by especially quickly, and you don’t want your memories to fade just as fast as the days so take the time to photograph your summer moments and begin creating layouts with them while they are still fresh in your head. With all of these options for summer scrapbook layouts and designs, you can rest assured that no matter how you spend your summer, there’s a collection for you.

Which summer scrapbook collection will you get the most use out of? Which one are you eager to try out? Comment below!

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