Your Must-Have Back to School Scrapbook Supplies

Your camera is about to be working overtime with photos of first-day-of-school outfits, class portraits, the start of school sports or clubs, recitals, plays, you name it — make sure you have a variety of great school scrapbook supplies to create beautiful layouts that you and the kids will treasure for years to come! There are three CM collections that are perfect for making stunning school-themed scrapbook layouts – take a look in today’s post!



Although it’s the newest of the collections, Essentials is a total throwback. The design of this collection utilizes primary shades and geometric shapes that give a vintage elementary feel to your projects. It all starts with the 12×12 True Red Essentials Album Cover, which features elegant silver foiled scrolls on a striking red bookcloth cover. Fill this album up with the Essentials Tone-on-Tone Paper Pack and the Essentials Accent Paper Pack. No matter what point of the school year you’re in, these papers will work great for creating lively layouts that look just as fun as the day being portrayed. Add an A+ touch to your work with the Back to School Essentials Stickers. These stickers are guaranteed to make your projects shine like your star student does. Choose between playful icons such as crayons and milk cartons, fun sayings like “You Rule” or “Back 2 School” or complementary school-themed borders. If you want to create classic-looking school scrapbooks, the Essentials collection is a must-have!

Super Duper

Need a fun after-school project for your kids? Why not get them into scrapbooking? The Super Duper collection is the perfect way to get your kids started in the world of scrapbooking, and it gives you a great opportunity to bond with them after a day of school! Two of the most popular items in this collection are the 8×8 Vivid Blue Super Duper Boy Fast2Fab™ Album and the 8×8 Fuchsia Super Duper Girl Fast2Fab™ Album. These albums are incredibly easy to make and the end result looks almost as good as an album done by an experienced scrapbooker. The Super Duper Girl Stickers and Super Duper Boy Stickers, as well as the matching tone-on-tone paper packs give your kids plenty of options to customize their project any way they want. It’s the perfect way to stay creative and unwind after the school day.



Celebrate your star student by making them the star of a Bookworm album! The 12×12 Clay Bookworm Album is the perfect canvas to showcase your student’s academic endeavors. Add some Grade A detail to your projects with both the Bookworm Stickers and Bookworm Embellishments, which feature scholarly icons such as paper clips, idea lightbulbs, buses, arrows and all sorts of other things that make you feel like you’re in a classroom again. It’s the perfect collection for tracking and commemorating all of the highlights of your student’s school year, especially for those in elementary school. If you want to show off your child’s academic career in a way that makes them shine, this is the school scrapbook collection for you.


Aside from the holidays, practically no other season provides so many great memories (and photo opportunities). These three collections will give you a place to put all of these newly made memories and decorate them in a beautiful way that you will treasure for years.

What’s your favorite back-to-school tradition? Let us know in the comments below!

4 thoughts on “Your Must-Have Back to School Scrapbook Supplies

  1. My favorite tradition was to take a picture of the kids on the first day of school each year in the same spot in the house. It gives us all a good way of recording the changes and the growth over the years. The kids enjoy seeing them and so do I. We used the front door since it was egg shell in color. It is also a great way to look at the fashion changes. We have some good times looking back, laughing, and revisiting those memories.

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