#FeatureFriday — Behind-the-Scenes Roundtable with ALL CM Designers on Frost!

Are you ready for an awesome Friday treat? For the first time ever, we went behind the scenes with ALL the CM designers for an intimate #FeatureFriday roundtable discussion on the new Frost collection! Find out what they love, what they think is most unique about it, what they’d add if they could to this collection, which was inspired by the beauty of snow storms, trending winter florals and cozy knit sweaters. So, pull up a chair and grab a seat at the table of this exclusive roundtable!

Meet the Design Team


Tara: Product Designer/Illustrator (Creator of Frost)


What stands out to you about the Frost collection?

Alex: The papers are sooo wintry; they look cool to the touch!

Laurel: I love the simple yet elegant color palette.

Carrie: I like the watercolor and foil techniques that she used.

Rachel: I agree, I love the gold foil on the accent papers. It’s great when we can add pops of color like that.


What’s your favorite part about the Frost collection?

Rachel: My favorite part about the Frost collection is the color palette. I love the soft blues combined with the golden yellow.

Carrie: I also love the monochromatic blue palette.

Alex: I think my favorite paper is the simple, cloud-like watercolor paper. It’s so simple and usable, but also so pretty!

Laurel: I love the watercolor florals. It’s great how she mixed florals with traditional winter icons like snowflakes.


In your opinion, what’s unique about this collection?

Laurel: The color scheme and the gold foils.

Rachel: I think this collection is unique in its variety of artistic styles. It has intricate line art (snowflakes), soft textures (sweater patterns) and watercolor (stickers and papers).

Alex: The foiled accent paper pack, of course! What a beautiful way to add some warm glitz to the season.

Carrie: I agree, I think the use of gold foil on the papers is really unique.


What’s your favorite sticker?

Rachel: My favorite stickers are the ones with the blue stems/leaves and gold berries/accents.

Carrie: The pine tree border stickers!

Alex: I love how crisp the white title stickers look atop the papers. I think my favorite one is “SNOW MUCH FUN!”

Laurel: I really like the wreath because it can be layered in lots of different ways.


What stands out about the paper pack?

Alex: The blue floral is striking.

Laurel: I agree. I like the contrast between the tonal sweater/cloth and wash patterns and the more detailed winter floral patterns.

Rachel: The winter florals! I don’t think flowers are commonly associated with the winter season, but they work so well here.

Carrie: There’s a really good mixture of watercolor and embroidery patterns ranging from dark blue to pale.


If you could add one thing to this collection, what would it be?

Carrie: I would add lightly patterned mats in a range of blues from light to dark.

Rachel: I’d love some foiled embellishments! I think gold foil really pops on these papers — that’s why it looks so good on the accent paper pack!

Laurel: Same! Foiled stickers or embellishments!

Alex: More foil! Give me all the foil!


If you had to describe the collection in two words, what would they be?

Laurel: Elegant and cool.

Alex: Icy and elegant.

Carrie: Cozy night.

Rachel: Soft winter.


The collection was designed by Tara — in your opinion, what’s unique about her designs/her as a designer?

Carrie: What I love about Tara’s designs is that she always adds a bit of quirkiness and imperfect lines that give that hand-drawn feel.

Rachel: Similar to my answer to what’s unique about this collection, I always love the variety of art styles that Tara creates.

Alex: She has an extremely adaptable style, and she designs at the speed of light!

Laurel: Her designs are often very cute yet still modern.


What do you think are Tara’s strengths as a designer that really play through in this collection?

Rachel: She doesn’t have any one specific look, but is capable of beautifully executing a wide range of artwork.

Laurel: I admire her ability to create beautiful florals and interesting typography.

Alex: Tara does a great job of integrating texture into her designs. It gives a little something extra, and you can really see it in the snowy hillside tree paper and the dark navy tonal.

Carrie: This collection shows her versatility in different types of pattern styles. There’s everything from loose watercolor to tight-knit sweater designs that require the use of multiple programs to create.


So there you have it – your first behind-the-scenes roundtable discussion with all the CM designers! What are your thoughts on the Frost collection? And join the discussion… if you had to describe it in just two words, what would they be? Comment below!

9 thoughts on “#FeatureFriday — Behind-the-Scenes Roundtable with ALL CM Designers on Frost!

  1. What a fantastic collection. The album is so awesome and beautiful. Anyone would be proud to have this with Christmas pictures in .

  2. A stunning collection…I just wish I lived where it snows; but many of these papers are non winter so I may be tempted to go on a winter trip so I can use these papers…yes, I am a paper addict!

  3. I absolutely loved everything about Frost!! The album is stunning!! The gold foil on the paper added so much texture to the layouts. The stickers are gorgeous! Would love to see more added to this collection!

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