#FeatureFriday – Go Behind the Scenes with the Imagine That! Designer

Have you explored the Imagine That! collection yet? This superhero-themed scrapbook collection is all about letting your imagination and creativity run wild. Obviously, a collection this unique and enthusiastic needs to be designed by someone who is equally as imaginative, which is why it was the perfect collection for Product Designer/Illustrator Alex! We sat down with Alex to learn more about her inspiration and the design choices she made when creating the Imagine That! collection. Check out what she had to say!

Meet the Designer


Alex has been working with CM as a product designer and illustrator for over a year now! Before working for Creative Memories, she was a freelance illustrator and graphic designer. Now she happily spends her days making art for you fine folks.

Other collections she has designed include Bee MineFull BloomSun-KissedO CanadaLumberjack, Best in Show, Locally Grown, Essentials, Season’s Greetings and Scrap Happy. Outside of work, Alex enjoys pattern-making and loves to cook, travel, read nerdy sci-fi novels and snuggle with her pets, Larry (dog) and Alphonse (cat). And she just got married this last August!

Imagine-That-Superhero-Scrapbook-Supplies-Creative-Memories-2 (1)

What Inspired This Collection?

“Imagine That! is inspired by youth, enthusiasm, superheroes, comics, wonder and
magic. A step forward from last year’s amusement park line, “Imagine,” Imagine
That! is just as simple and has the same style. This year, our focused theme was
that of capturing magic, happiness, family and adventure.”


How Would You Describe the Color Palette?

“It is very simple… Black! White! Yellow! Blue! Boom!”


How Would You Describe the Papers?

“The tonal papers have crooked suns, clouds, halftone polka dots, plaid, plus signs,
chevron and square polka dots. The designer papers have abstract fireworks,
vertical stripes, sprinkles, shooting stars and cameras (everyone’s favorite).”

Imagine-That-Superhero-Scrapbook-Embellishments-Creative-Memories (1)

What is Unique About the Collection?

“This is unique to CM, of course, and it is extremely usable and general. It has an
interesting twist on magic and superpowers, not normally seen together.”


What Do You Envision This Collection Being Used For?

“It could be used for themed birthday parties (superhero, action figure, magic), trips
to amusement parks, trips to any place, kids, school, family adventures, camping,
larger events and everyday life!”


Tell us a Fun Fact About the Imagine That! Collection!

“The style of this line was heavily influenced by the very popular ‘Imagine’ line last
year. We swapped out only one color, and the impact on the vibe and vitality was

There is so much to love about the new Imagine That! collection. It’s fun, it’s creative, it’s imaginative and it really makes you feel like there are limitless possibilities when you use it. What would YOU like to tell Alex about this collection? Let us know in the comments below!

4 thoughts on “#FeatureFriday – Go Behind the Scenes with the Imagine That! Designer

  1. A very energetic collection! I especially like the paper with cameras. Does this come in digital form?

  2. I love this collection as well. The colors are great! They just “pop” and I think my pictures will too when using these papers.

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