#FeatureFriday — Creating a Collection as Bubbly as Mermaid Cove

Have you always fantasized about living an enchanting life under the sea? If so, you can turn those dreams into a reality with the Mermaid Cove collection! This collection is as whimsical as it is mystical, and the playful palette of teal, purple and pink make it feel like you’re living life amongst the mermaids! Obviously, it isn’t an easy task to capture the essence of underwater life into a scrapbooking collection, but Design Manager Carrie was up for the task! Check out what Carrie had to say about her inspiration for the collection and how she went about creating it!

Meet the Designer


For over 15 years, Carrie has worked for CM as a Graphic Designer, Product Illustrator and currently as the Design Manager. Throughout the years, she has honed and mastered her artistic skills, creating original works of art for scrapbooking fanatics worldwide. Other CM collections she has designed include Star-Spangled, Brave, Secret GardenBlack & White, Textiles, Archiver’s, Glacier, Mix & Match, Gather Together and more.


What are a few words to describe this collection?

“Mermazing Mermaids, playful, whimsical and magical. It includes colors of teals, purples and pinks.”


What are the papers like?

“The papers take on a more youthful look with the swimming mermaids, cute scallop patterns, stardust and underwater scenes.”


What makes this collection so unique?

“The uniqueness of this collection is that it was designed for young girls with a heart for magic. This collection launched alongside Graphic Designer Alex’s Imagine That! collection, which is adventure themed and steers more masculine in style. This collection has a feminine touch. The underwater scenes in the papers have a three-dimensional feel, which is something we haven’t done before in design.”


What was fun about designing this collection?

“This was my first time drawing mermaids and I can’t wait to draw more! I had so much fun creating all of the sea life and whimsical characters. My favorite icons have to be the scuba diving fish, purrmaids and underwater scenes — plus all the puns!”


What can this collection be used for?

“The great thing about this collection is that 90% of the designs for the papers can be used anywhere you want a touch of teal, ocean theme, purples or pink. The stickers were designed for a younger audience and can be used for any little girl album.”

The Mermaid Cove collection is absolutely bubbling with personality. What do you love most about this fun-derwater collection? Let us know in the comments!

4 thoughts on “#FeatureFriday — Creating a Collection as Bubbly as Mermaid Cove

  1. I love this and the only place I might be considered young is at heart! I’m seeing myself using this for all kinds of beach adventures with my Big White Fluffy Great Pyrenees Rescues and trips to the Aquarium and birthday dinners with my beach loving girlfriends. It’s adorable, charming, and those merkittens are precious! So clever! Love the colors and the shimmery accents! Definitely one of my Top Five Creative Memories Favorites of all time!

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