Roll Out Your Best Layouts with the Rolling Hills Border Maker Cartridge

One of the reasons that we all love scrapbooking is the fact that everybody sees things a little differently. It’s one of the reasons why the sketches posted on our Instagram account are so popular. Everybody envisions something different when looking at a blank canvas like a sketch. This is also true when it comes to tools! The Rolling Hills Border Maker Cartridge was marketed as a BMC that would create borders that look like scenic hills and trees. But, when blog contributor Nicole saw the BMC, she thought of something completely unique. Check out her take on the Rolling Hills BMC by taking a look at the birthday scrapbook layout she made!

Nicole’s Inspiration:

When I first got the Rolling Hills Border Maker Cartridge, I was noticing the shape of the trees and thought they look a lot like arrows. I decided to use it on a layout of pictures from my husband’s birthday.

To create this layout, you will need:

  • Essentials Accent Paper Pack
  • Black Serif ABC/123 Stickers
  • Original Border Maker System with the Rolling Hills Border Maker Cartridge
  • 12-inch Straight Trimmer
  • All-Purpose Scissors
  • Black Dual-Tip Pen
  • Tape Runner

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Step 1: Start with a piece of Red Cardstock for the base of your layout.

Step 2: Cut a 4″ strip from the pinwheel pattern foiled paper from the Essentials Accent Paper Pack. Punch both sides of this strip using the Rolling Hills Border Maker Cartridge.  Be sure to keep the pinwheel pattern facing up as you cut both sides.


Step 3: Line up the tallest trees on one side of the punched strip at the 2-1/4″ mark on your trimmer. Cut the piece in half. This will give you two border strips, one wider than the other.


Step 4: Flip the wider piece over and adhere to your Red Cardstock base with the blue (reverse) side up. Then, adhere the narrower piece with the pinwheels facing up. Because you cut both pieces the same way, when you flip one over the hills don’t line up with each other, which creates more interest for your border.

Step 5: To cut the arrows, cut an extra strip from the pinwheel patterned paper using the Rolling Hills Border Maker Cartridge. Using your All-Purpose Scissors, carefully cut from the straight side of the strip toward the tree/point on both sides of the tree trunk to create an arrow. You could do this with any of the trees, but I found that the biggest one created a nicely proportioned arrow.


Step 6: Finally, mat your main photo using the silver dot patterned paper – I just used the blue quadrant but you could use any of the colors you prefer. To get the dots to form a frame around your photo you may have to trim the photo slightly so that it fits perfectly between the rows of dots, then trim the paper leaving a single row of dots around the entire image.

Step 7: Attach your photo(s) and use the arrows you created to point toward any part of the photo you want to direct attention to. Complete the layout with journaling and a title; I used the Black Serif ABC/123 Stickers.

Layout by Nicole Soh – CM Independent Advisor

After you’ve tried making this layout for yourself, don’t stop creating! You’re on a roll! This particular BMC has been one of our most popular items recently, and we want to know — what types of projects have you used the Rolling Hills Border Maker Cartridge for? Inspire us in the comments below!

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  1. I love the idea of using one strip of paper and then turning one over to have 2 contrasting colors!

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