Celebrate Your Loved Ones with Handmade Cards

Ah, Valentine’s Day — the day with love in the air, heavy chocolate consumption and procrastinating boyfriends/husbands and girlfriends/wives flooding grocery stores and flower shops with last-minute shopping. At its core, Valentine’s Day is all about showing appreciation for the people who you love most in your life. Whether it’s a significant other, friends or family, we all have a Valentine in our life. Take the time to show them that you appreciate them and love them by doing something special on the 14th this year! It could be a card, a nice dinner or even just a hug — whatever you can do to spread a little love.

Today, we’ve got a card sketch idea for you in case you’re looking for a last-second thoughtful gift! And, if you want an “awww” moment to brighten your day, we asked several members of Creative Memories® Home Office about special Valentine’s Day gifts that they’ve received. Check out their answers below!


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“Growing up, I would always get Valentine’s Day packages from my grandma. They would include everything from candy to cute holiday socks. My grandma is the best Valentine!” –Kelsey L., Creative Memories® US



“This is my newest Valentine from my sweet grandkids!” –Diane L., Creative Memories® US


“My daughter Ava often creates little love notes for me, whether it’s a drawing or a card she’s created, she always expresses her love in her cards and it really makes my day to receive them from her. If it’s been a tough parenting day (all mothers know what I’m talking about), I can look at them and be reminded that we have that unconditional love between a mother and child that no difficult day could ever take away. I anticipate she’ll have a Valentine card for me when she arrives home from school on Valentine’s Day, and perhaps I’ll make one to surprise her!” –Kelly B., Creative Memories® Australia



“The best Valentine I ever received was from my husband back years ago when we were long-distance dating. He was in the Coast Guard stationed in New York and I was living in Vegas at the time. On Valentine’s Day, a package arrived for me and when I opened it up, there was a big handmade card inside! He’d used pink and purple cardstock to make it and decorated it with heart stickers, and inside there was a hand-written love poem! To this day, it is so special to me and I keep it in my scrapbook.” –Brittany M., Creative Memories® US



“This card sits by my bed! My daughter crafted the purse, you can tell it’s old because it’s faded, and inside were these notes for kisses and hugs!” –Sandra N., Creative Memories® Canada



“My best Valentine’s Day memory is the yearly giant Valentines that I would receive from my best friends when I was in college.” –Jessica C., Creative Memories® US


So, there you have it… we’ve shared creative inspiration and our special Valentine’s Day memories from Home Office, but now we want to hear from you! What’s the best Valentine’s gift you’ve ever received? Let us know in the comments below!

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