Create a Travel Journal With These Tips

With spring right around the corner in North America and exciting trips on your calendar, let’s make a goal to document all the happy memories you make – on the go! As you brainstorm everything you need to pack for your upcoming trips, remember to add your Happy Album to the checklist. Keep reading to learn my tips on creating a travel journal page in your Happy Album, a never-before-seen layout using Kit #15 (NEW!) and a sketch so you can easily recreate my page!


One thing is for certain – the Happy Album can be used in many different ways! Have you ever thought about scrapbooking on the go and having two completed pages before you even get home from your trip? For most, this sounds like a lot of work while you’re busy adventuring! Well, I’m here to tell you – with a little preparation and your travel-friendly Happy Album, you will be able to document all your adventures this year on the go and have fun. Follow along as I let you in on my tips for turning your Happy Album into a travel journal!


A travel journal is a place for you to write about your trips and adventures, what you learned and the experiences you had. It’s a collection of adventures, stories and memories. It doesn’t matter where you’re going or who you’re with, but about the happy memories you made! This is a way for you to always remember your adventures using the Happy Album.

March Travel Journal

1. Prep your pages – A great way to make it very easy for you to journal and add to your Happy Album while you’re out and about is by prepping your pages before your trip! You can follow my layout (posted below) before you travel by cutting a designer paper diagonally in half and adhering each half to your Happy Album pages. I used the White Cardstock in Kit #15 to journal and the additional patterned paper as a background for my photos. You’re ready to add photos and captions without having to cut or paste on the go – SO easy! 

2. Pack your materials – The Travel Case makes it easy to pack everything you need in one place without taking up much room. If you prepped your pages beforehand like me, then all you need to take with you is your Creative Memories Dual-Tip Pen and a Tape Runner (Hint: It fits in the Travel Case pocket)

3. Print photos on the go – If you’re like me and like to print your photos at any time or place, then you would love the Canon IVY Mini Photo Printer! It connects to your phone through the Canon Ivy “Mini Print” app and instantly prints a 2’x3′ photo with a sticky back – hello, no need to worry about taping! You can also use a Polaroid camera to snap your memories on your trip. If you would rather add your photos later on, that works too! Tip: you can use a Tape Runner or get creative by adhering your photos with washi tape or stickers from our Happy Album kits! 

4. Document your adventures – As you take photos of your adventures,  remember to journal about them too! At the end of each day, I like to write a little journal entry about what I did and any funny or memorable moments; I then adhere my photo for that day next to it. 

5. Share your stories – As we all know, when we come back from a trip everyone asks what you did and how it went! Well, what better way to show the highlights of your travels than by pulling out your Happy Album and letting them see for themselves?! Added bonus: No need to have everyone looking through your phone to see the awesome time you had. Your trip will come to life in your Happy Album for everyone to see. Not to mention, you will LOVE looking back on all the experiences you’ve had.


I went on a girls’ trip to visit my best friend in Portland and brought my Happy Album with. I loved ending each day by printing my photos and writing about my adventures! It made telling stories to my friends and family back home easy. Using my Happy Album as a travel journal allows me to document all my experiences on the go and makes it fun to look back on all the places I’ve been. I can’t wait to keep filling the pages with my stories! 

March Travel Journal (7)

March Travel Journal (8)



It was so fun creating my travel journal page using Kit #15. I hope this inspires you to take the Happy Album with you on your next trip and create a travel page filled with journal entries, photos and all things HAPPY! If you decide to create your own travel journal page, make sure to share with me on Instagram @BeHappyAlbum using #HappyAlbum #ShareYourHappy

❤️ Sadie


Meet Sadie – Happy Album Marketing Manager

Sadie grew up crafting and scrapbooking using Creative Memories. She has a passion for creating and telling her story through photos! On weekends, you’ll catch her on an outdoor adventure, traveling or spending time with family in her small Minnesota town. Join her on the @BeHappyAlbum Instagram page and Happy Album Blog where she shares all things happy!


7 thoughts on “Create a Travel Journal With These Tips

  1. Sadie,
    Several years ago, we took two separate cross country trips with our three children packed into a car. I journaled throughout the trip, kept a map that showed our path and scrapbooked the 1500 pictures. What I would have given for the Happy Album back then. I can’t tell everyone enough that of those items, my daily journal of these trips is by far the most valuable thing I have!! If your traveling, especially with family, journal as you go!!!!!! Don’t wait until you get back, you will forget those little things that will be so important later on. Enjoy everyone!

    1. Amy, thank you for your sweet comment! I love that you took the time to journal on the go. What precious memories!

  2. This is such a good idea. Love the idea of having the journaling already completed, as that is the hardest part of scrapbooking, in my opinion.

    1. Thanks for the comment Wilma! I agree, having the pages already completed makes it so much easier!

  3. Planning our trip to Alaska this summer and will be using my Happy Album for flight, rental car and AirBNB details and for our adventures each day….

    1. That’s amazing! You will love looking back on your trip to Alaska in your Happy Album!

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