Make Beautiful, Quick Scrapbook Albums with Fast2Fab™ Albums

Have you wanted to get more albums done, but can never find the time? Creating scrapbook layouts from scratch can be time-consuming, and not everyone has the schedule that allows them to get their albums done. Thankfully, Fast2Fab™ albums are the perfect solution to this problem! Fast2Fabs™ make it easy and fun to create quick scrapbook albums. Check out what Canada’s Advisor Success Coach Sandra Northmore has been able to do with her Fast2Fab™ albums!

I absolutely LOVE Fast2Fab™ albums! I’m constantly busy flying around the country and spending time in the great outdoors, so the quickness and simplicity of the Fast2Fab™ fits my lifestyle! I got a lot of use out of my Fast2Fab™ albums in 2018 — there were three Northmore weddings in September and a multitude of outdoor excursions! Take a look at how I was able to use the Flourish Fast2Fab™ and the Ever After Fast2Fab™ in 2018!

Flourish Fast2Fab™ Albums


I made this Flourish Fast2Fab™ album for when we spent a weekend in Ontario for Family Day! My daughter Jessie, her husband and their son Arnie traveled to visit us, as well as my daughter Morgan, her husband and their friends! We spent the weekend ice fishing on Lake Muskoka, and even though it was freezing cold, it was breathtaking and beautiful to be in sunshine and on the lake that we usually boat and swim in! No fish were caught, but at least we had a huge pot of chili waiting for us! Making this album was a blast — I didn’t even need to cut my pictures! I absolutely love that Flourish was perfect for a glorious day of ice fishing!

I was also able to use Flourish to create an album celebrating the marriage of my niece, Eve! She had an outdoor wedding and it was absolutely BEAUTIFUL! We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day. Everyone involved had so much fun and it was so great to get to celebrate her special day.

Ever After Fast2Fab™ Albums


Speaking of weddings, my niece Nicki also created a dream wedding in September! I was so happy to use the Ever After Fast2Fab™ to celebrate the day! The wedding was picture perfect, so there was no need to add much — I wanted the pictures to be the main feature of the layout. I’m so in love with how this layout turned out!


Ever After can be used for more than just weddings! Although the Ever After Fast2Fab™ was perfect for my niece’s wedding, I was also able to keep adding pictures to show off my winter play time! This layout was made with photos of a day I spent skating at the local bandstand with my husband, Scott. After skating, we went snowmobiling on Lake Muskoka and then headed to a cabin — it’s always great to have a destination to warm up at!

I absolutely love Fast2Fab™ albums — it’s perfect for my fast-paced lifestyle! Do you love using Fast2Fabs™ as much as I do? Which ones do you like best? Let me know in the comments below!

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4 thoughts on “Make Beautiful, Quick Scrapbook Albums with Fast2Fab™ Albums

  1. For Australian residents I would love to see an 8×8 fast2fab with black and white pages similar to the current 12×12 fast2fab.
    I have previously done a wedding album for parents keepsake but it is very time consuming and this would be much quicker option.

  2. loved the secret garden F2Fab, was able to complete my album for my granddaughter quickly and it was beautiful!!

  3. I swear by F2F albums! Love them. And don’t be afraid to add different page packs together! I have regular albums with different F2F pages in them that were left over from the original packages. It is not any different than when you create your own, just so much faster!

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