Cassie’s Story: How Becoming an Advisor Changed My Life

Creative Memories makes a difference in so many ways!

When I began working with Creative Memories, I never imagined that it would fulfill ALL my family’s dreams. I joined because I loved our mission: Helping people focus on their happy. When I became a mom, it was the first time I was without a job since I was nine years old. Creative Memories provided fun, guilt-free girl time and something that was mine. Plus, I was making a difference – every person I helped resulted more happiness in the world.

As time went on, I grew and loved helping the people around me do the same. Coaching a team and helping them find their joy and feel accomplished was more fulfilling than I ever imagined. It’s exciting to see what people can do when they are encouraged to do the things they love.

At the end of 2017, my husband was downsized into an early retirement. He was almost 55 years old and we did not have a plan for what he would do next. His plan had always been to retire around 60-65 and finally begin the dream his grandparents had passed on to him: Creating a free and safe place for scout troops, fresh-air kids and other youth groups to ride trails, camp, enjoy the water, learn and have fun outdoors. While it was exciting to think maybe he could begin this venture early, it was scary to think we had two kids starting college, a mortgage, other living expenses and that my job, previously our “fun” money, would become the main household income!

Just a few months later, I found out the other social-selling company I worked with was closing their consulting side. In addition to CM, I had been working that business consistently and earning profit, commission and incentives, so it was a loss of over $1,000 per month. 

With both things happening in rapid succession, we really needed my Creative Memories business to pick up the pace!

I thought about the advice I give my team: Do what brings you joy. When your heart is truly invested in what you are doing and when you are having fun, you just can’t get enough of it! One of the things that brings me joy is bringing women together – at events, retreats, in small groups – and helping them complete albums. I knew I could do more of this.

I went from holding monthly crops at my house and two events a year at a big rented hall to monthly events at the big hall. I increased the duration from all-day Saturday to both Friday and Saturday, allowing customers to come to both or just the time that worked for them. I added in Project Recipe™ classes, border classes and held classes at my house to engage new people and help those who could not attend the monthly big event accomplish something AND see the new products.

I kept my retreat schedule at five per year but found new ways to encourage pre-sales and added more classes to encourage touching and feeling the newest products. My sales for the year nearly DOUBLED! It more than made up for my loss of income from the other company.

But there was even more I could do. The thing that brings me the most joy and makes my heart soar is when I help my team members reach THEIR goals. I do this through monthly training calls where we all work together to grow and stretch, as well as focused private coaching calls for those who want them. I host a convention each year to provide training to my team and their teams and invite all other Advisors to come learn, too.

I offer different challenges to my team members to keep them engaged and having fun like product certificate drawings (for them and their teams) for participating in the call and individual incentives like planning something new they want to try or accomplish and we collaborate on what the reward should be. This helps people develop at their own pace and have fun doing it. Seeing their success makes me work harder, which is one of the many joys of coaching!

I am grateful every day to have a team of people working together to share, encourage and lift each other up. And our group volume has also DOUBLED in the past year to over $700,000!

Now we’re no longer worried about the bills – they are covered and we get to enjoy travel, family time and so much more.

The best part is that my husband, who has supported me unconditionally since I started with Creative Memories, has begun to prepare our small farm for big plans and is able to do more military relief work as he is available every time they call. What wonderful peace of mind it is to know when you need it most, your Creative Memories business can save the day! Our lives are blessed beyond measure.

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14 thoughts on “Cassie’s Story: How Becoming an Advisor Changed My Life

  1. Amazing! Congratulations to you!!! You’d better have this down in a scrapbook or journal of some kind.

  2. Amazing story Cassie. You’re an inspiration. Best of Luck to you & your Husband in your new endeavors.

  3. Congrats, Cassie! Your hard work and Creative Memories great products made your dreams come true. I wish you continued success with CM!

  4. What a great Story! Thanks for sharing more about your family & your dreams! It’s a pleasure to be on your team and I’m very blessed to have you as my Team Leader! Thank you for all you do for us!

  5. What a great Story! Thanks for sharing more about your family & your dreams! It’s a pleasure to be on your team and I’m very blessed to have you as my Team Leader! Thank you for all you do for us!f

  6. I love you, Cassie, and I love your wonderful family! Thanks for being such an AWESOME upline! xoxo

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