Weekly Sketch Round-Up July 15-19

When you look at sketches on these weekly posts, how do you know which ones you want to try? Do you look at the arrangement of photos and decorations and devise a plan? Does the layout example next to the sketch have anything to do with it? Or does a certain sketch just inexplicably speak to you? No matter what it is, you can always rely on the Weekly Sketch Round-Up to provide plenty of creative inspiration to keep you going. Take a look at these sketches and let the scrapping begin!

Sketch #1

Want to learn how to create this layout for yourself? Check out this blog post!

Sketch #2

Instructions coming soon to the blog!

Sketch #3

Instructions coming soon to the blog!

Sketch #4

Instructions coming soon to the blog!

Remember, sketches are just the blueprint – you can follow all the instructions or just a few to create layouts personal to you! Which of these projects jump out at you the most? Which ones will you try first? Let us know in the comments below!

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3 thoughts on “Weekly Sketch Round-Up July 15-19

  1. Really like all the sketches and ideas, however I know my friends and I like to put 4 or 5 pictures on a page plus a few adornments. Cost is the main reason but we enjoy beauty and/or cuteness also. Thank you for the quality and diversity of your product. Our advisor, Linda Eddy is fantastic.

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