Dive Into DIY with this Fun Paper Craft Idea

Do you have extra scrapbook paper sitting around that just doesn’t seem to match any of your album themes? Are you looking for a way to use that paper instead of tossing it (or letting it take up precious space in your craft room)? Turn it into something unique with this DIY paper craft idea and make your mismatched papers stand out! Take a look!

The Inspiration:

Many times, the layouts you love the most take the least amount of time and energy to create. With the Triangle Fold Page, use papers and cardstock inspired by your current project to complete a stunning title page, final page or a filler page somewhere in-between. It may look complex but it takes just minutes (and no fancy tools required) to complete. When you’ve completed the page, you’ll be amazed at how the detail highlights your pictures!

The idea originated from Creative Memories Japan’s Mirainokimie, was found by Creative Memories U.S. Advisor Ellen Evanoff and designed by Advisor Amy Weaver.

To create this layout, you will need:

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A note before you begin: Take your time with the cuts for this project. Having equal triangles is important!

Step 1: Cut one piece of Harvest Delight paper into four squares measuring 6″ x 6″. Set two squares aside.

Step 2: Cut each of the two remaining squares in half using the 45 degree angle guide on your 12-inch Trimmer. You will have a total of four equal triangles from the two squares. Cut each of those triangles in half by placing the long straight edge against the edge of your 12-inch Trimmer and lining up the point of the triangle with the cut line. This makes eight equal-sized triangles.

Step 3: Place those triangles point-to-point around your piece of cardstock so they frame the four sides of the cardstock. (Tip: Alternate the patterns on the front and back of the triangles!) Add a small section of Repositionable adhesive to the base of each triangle and hold it in place until you have the layout set up. (Don’t put tape on the entire triangle.)

Step 4: Fold back the tip of each triangle and adhere it with Repositionable adhesive. Adhere all of the triangles to the cardstock completely with Repositionable adhesive.

Step 4: Repeat steps one and two with the second piece of Harvest Delight paper. However, this time you will only need one square to be cut in half and then in half again, resulting in four triangles.

Step 5: Create a second row of triangles by placing them point-to-point along the inner part of the page. Repeat step three, alternating the patterns if you wish. (Tip: Work in the opposite direction as you did in the first row.)

Step 6: Repeat step four.

At this point, the Triangle Fold Page is complete! However, I added a few more details:

  • I took one remaining 6″ x 6″ square from the second piece of the Harvest Delight paper and adhered it at an angle in the middle of the page.
  • I cut the remaining three 6″ x 6″ squares following steps two and four and cut the triangles one more time to have eight small triangles. I used the same steps and adhered them to the middle of the page to add a third row of triangles except they are adhered to the orange square and not the cardstock. 
  • I added a photo and some embellishments.

You can use any collection to create this project and even make it into a card! How will you modify this DIY paper craft to make it your own? Let us know in the comments below!

4 thoughts on “Dive Into DIY with this Fun Paper Craft Idea

  1. Oh. My. Goodness! Do you hear me running to my craft table? One place I know I will use this is in an album dubbed “Best Shots” by my family. It’s a Masterpiece black, real leather album sold by CM long ago. In the mid-1990’s, a lot of CM Consultants were hosting “Make a Quilt” album workshops with cardstock they had taken to an office supply store and had cut into 3” squares. At the workshop, we predecorated the quilt designed pages and then could add whatever photos we wanted, using the quilt blocks as mats on some pictures. Mine came out great, and has many best shots of our kids growing up.
    Fast forward to now, and we have twin grandchildren. I’ve wanted to add a “best shots” section of them, but the colors used in the 90’s are not the popular ones today. By incorporating this idea, it coordinates well with the quilt theme of the album but allows a 2019-style of papers and some more pizzaz!
    Thanks for the idea!!! (I also love it used as a card front!)

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