Welcome Guests to Your Events with these DIY Paper Pocket Souvenirs

Have you ever held an event? Whether it’s a Creative Memories® event or just a family Thanksgiving, your number one priority as a host is making your guests feel welcomed. So, how do you go about doing that? With the right souvenirs, of course! The DIY paper pocket souvenirs below are guaranteed to leave your guests with a warm and fuzzy feeling and eager to come again!

Tina’s Inspiration

My goal was to create a sweet souvenir guests who attended my Croptoberfest events. The pocket is big enough for a business card and it holds two chocolate squares in the front and back. This project is a great way to use supplies from any collection and stretch your event budget.

Project by Tina Kistinger – CM Independent Advisor

For this this project, you will need:

Step 1: Cut various pieces of paper into 6″ x 6″ pieces.

Step 2: Fold each paper in half, point to point.

Step 3: On the long side, score 1/2″ using the 12-inch Trimmer.

Step 4: Rotate the paper so the longest line is at the top and score it at 2-3/4″. Flip the paper and score it at 2-3/4″ on the other side. Burnish all of the score lines.

Step 5: Fold the side flaps in and then fold up and over on the remaining score lines.

Step 6: Use the 2-Way Corner Rounder to round the top flap.

Step 7: Punch a hole using a 1/8″ hole punch to create a hole at the top of the holder.

Step 8: Thread ribbon through the hole and create a knot. Add baker’s twine for an additional embellishment.

Step 9: Punch out leaves using the Leaf Chain Border Maker Cartridge using various Harvest Delight mats. Snip the leaves apart. Glue individual leaves to contrasting mats using the Precision Point Adhesive Pen. Cut out the leaves using All-Purpose Scissors.

Step 10: Adhere individual leaves to the holders using Foam Squares.

Project by Tina Kistinger – CM Independent Advisor

Step 11: Add chocolate treats to both front and back pockets, as well as your business card.

This DIY event souvenir would be awesome for any occasion: Weddings, scrapbook events, birthday parties, Thanksgiving and more! What types of events do you see yourself creating this paper project for? Comment below!

15 thoughts on “Welcome Guests to Your Events with these DIY Paper Pocket Souvenirs

  1. These are adorable. You could make these out of Christmas themed paper, put a longer ribbon or jute tie on them, stuff with candy and a gift card and hang on the tree!

  2. The front and back look exactly the same. Follow the instructions and try folding it yourself to see how it comes together. I hope you try it!

  3. I didn’t understand that part about ‘fold up’ until I finished reading the directions and noticed that you place a treat in front and back. Very festive with Xmas paper. I plan to make for my Christmas crop for attendees.

  4. We are having a “tea party” at our next event – this idea would be good to put surprise winter tea flavors in for the party!!

  5. Just made eight of these. After the 3rd picture, fold it in half backwards. I didn’t see a need for the first fold so eliminated that. They really are so cute. I’m glad I kept at it until I figured it out.

    1. i have folded it backwards and punched the hole through both tips but it seems i have too many extraneous scoring lines towards the bottom – what is their purpose ?

  6. I’ve made 70 of these. I’ve put a tea bag on one side and my business card on the other. I’m going to put the them into the letter boxes of my unit complex to introduce my neighbours to my business.
    The extra score lines at the bottom are to fold along to form a gusset. So, after you’ve
    folded the 2 short sides in you fold along the middle score line so that the 2 points meet – the crossed over sides will be on the inside, i.e. you’ll have like a plain house shape on either side. Then you fold back along the 2 extra score lies that are near the bottom. Voila! Now the crossed over sides are on the outside and you have your 2 pockets!
    After doing the first 20 of these as above I realised that the paper I was using was a bit too thick to make the last 2 folds nice and crisp. (I didn’t want to use my lovely CM paper for this) so for the rest I just folded back along the middle score line. Doing this gives you deeper pockets.
    I hope that makes sense.

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