Vote Scrappie the Bear for President!

For over 20 years, Scrappie the Bear has been the official mascot of Creative Memories. He’s spent the past two decades spreading the joy of scrapbooking to creative people across the globe. His love for the crop is unmatched, and he won’t rest until the entire world understands the importance of memory preservation. Now, he’s taking on a brand new challenge — running for President.

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So there you have it! As of today, Scrappie is launching his campaign and throwing his name into the presidential race! He’s sat back for years and seen how politicians on all sides continue to ignore the scrapbooking issues of the world, and he’s ready to make a difference.

Here’s a list of some of Scrappie’s stances on the issues:

  • Make National Scrapbook Day a federal holiday, giving everyone the day off to work on their albums.
  • Install a mandatory crafting hour into every single workday.
  • Push the research and development of paper that doesn’t give paper cuts.
  • Invest in a sticker stimulus package that gives every citizen a new sticker pack each month.
  • Create a hotline for people who run out of scrapbook supplies.
  • Rename the Situation Room to the Scrapbooking Room.
  • Make the Cabinet the largest storage space of scrapbook supplies in the country.
  • Push values that preserve the past, enjoy the present and inspires hope for the future.

With Scrappie the Bear in office, you can rest assured that each and every scrapbooker’s voice will be heard.

Interested in showing your Scrappie support? Stay tuned — the Scrappie for President Sticker will be available later this year!

What types of issues would you like to see Scrappie take on? What are some of the scrapbooking issues of the world that need more attention? Let us (and Scrappie) know in the comments below!

P.S. Happy April Fools’ Day!

26 thoughts on “Vote Scrappie the Bear for President!

  1. Please tell Scrappie that we need new storage solutions for the sticker packs! He’s got my vote!!!

    1. I’m in. Love it! While in Quarantine I have been working on a scrapbook for my one of my granddaughters and loving it❤️

  2. Oh my….this is AWESOME! I am going to vote for Scrappie! He’s going to be the write-in with the most votes this year, beating out Mickey Mouse!

  3. Scrappie is just the pick me up I needed this morning. Please tell Scrappie to create some more Custom Cuts, Jumbo Scallop Circle, along with some of the other scrap book tools that were so handy, Love your products Scappie!

  4. You made my day, I have been working on my albums for three days, and Scrappie has my vote.

  5. How about bringing back the 8.5×11 albums? They are so much easier to handle with my arthritic hands than the awkward 12x12s. Thanks for considering.

  6. Bear Hugs to you Scrappy! You’ve got all the important issues covered! Thanks for the smile

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