This Apple Scrapbook Border is Ripe for the Creative Picking

Ancestors of Malus domestica, the modern table apple, are said to have geographic roots in Asia. Nowadays, there are 7,500 varieties of apples grown throughout the world! That’s a lot of apple picking, fruit baskets, pies and other treats! The humble apple, from Granny Smith to McIntosh and Cortland, truly captures a crisp aspect of the fall season. Blog contributor Sachiyo Omitsu loves all things apple in the fall, so she wanted to capture this by creating an apple scrapbook border!

Sachiyo’s Inspiration

In Japan, since autumn is the season of harvest (and we have plenty of delicious produce), we say “autumn fills up your bellies.” We have fall festivals throughout Japan to express gratitude toward nature. At the festival, there are rows of food stalls and game stalls. When I was a child, my most loved festival food was candy apples. What was your first-pick festival food when you were a child?

To create this border you will need:

Step 1: Cut a 2-3/4″ x 12″ strip of the light blue mandala leaves patterned paper for the base. Cut a 2-1/2″ x 12″ strip of the dark green mandala leaves patterned paper and mount on top.

Step 2: Using the Lace Trim Border Punch (or any other decorative border punch), punch a border from the green plaid patterned paper and cut to measure 2-1/4″ x 12″. Adhere to the base, approximately 1/16″ from the bottom of the dark green mandala leaves patterned paper.

Step 3: Punch four times using the Arch Border Frame Punch with beige plaid patterned paper. Every time you punch, align the paper corner to the straight mark printed on the punch, so there is an unpunched square between arch shapes. Cut the border to measure 1-1/4″ x 12″. Set aside the punched out arch shapes.

Step 4: Cut the square pieces to make fringe using the Micro-Tip Scissors as shown. Pinch some parts of the fringe to make it look like straw. Add it to the base.

Step 5: Add the punched out arch shapes to the border using Foam Squares — these will be the “baskets.”

Step 6: Using the Apple Chain Border Maker Cartridge, punch a border with each crimson and orange plaid patterned papers. Cut out apple pieces using a scissors. Put three apples in each “basket,” using Foam Squares on some for added dimension.

Step 7: Add stickers, using Foam Squares on some for added dimension.

What catches your eye most about this apple scrapbook border? Let us know in the comments below!

4 thoughts on “This Apple Scrapbook Border is Ripe for the Creative Picking

  1. What a cute border. The “streamers” are very creative. I remember going to the state fair with my folks when I was young. Daddy always bought the family ice cream cones at the dairy building before we would head home.

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