Weekly Sketch Round-Up Feb. 1-5

As many of you may know, this upcoming weekend we’ll be holding the February Virtual Crop, which will be jam-packed, joyous time, from the Secret Box reveal before the event starts to the six awesome sketch challenges throughout the weekend, chances to win great prizes, connecting with other scrappers like you and so much more! But before we dive into all those cropping delights, do you feel like you need a warm-up to get prepped and ready? If so, you’re in luck with the Weekly Sketch Round-Up for there are four sketches to stretch your creative muscles!

Sketch #1

Scrapbooking is always a party, especially with the new Party Time! collection. Learn how to make this birthday layout by reading this blog post!

Sketch #2

This border is the icing on the creative cake for your next layout! You can learn how to create it (and more!) by checking out this blog post!

Sketch #3

Soak up the sun and fun with this lovely layout! Just follow the step-by-step instructions this blog post to make your very own!

Sketch #4

Feel the love for scrapbooking by crafting this border! Prep it now by following this blog post so you’re ready come Valentine’s Day!

Which one of these fun projects will you make this week? Are you excited about next weekend’s Virtual Crop? Let us know in the comments below!

Love creating scrapbook layouts from sketches?

Join our Virtual Crop Facebook Group, where we hold monthly crops on the second Friday of each month! We’ll be kicking off this month’s Virtual Crop on Friday, Feb. 12, at 1pm CT, so join us then!

7 thoughts on “Weekly Sketch Round-Up Feb. 1-5

  1. Is there anywhere I can find the specific sizes of circles the Custom Cutting system can make? I am considering buying the circle kit, but I need to know what the actual possible sizes are. Thank you!

    1. The kit will include templates for all 3 circles showing all the different sizes using all 3 blades. The sizes vary from 1 in to 6.5 in.

      1. I understand that the system cuts a variety of sizes, but I need to know the *specific* sizes that can be cut. For instance, can I cut a 1.125-inch circle?

  2. Hi! Yes the specific sizes are as follows: 1″, 1.25″, 1.50″, 2″, 2.25″, 2.50″, 3″, 3.25″, 3.50″, 4″, 4.25″, 4.50″, 5″, 5.25″, 5.50″, 6″, 6.25″ & 6.50″. Hope this helps. GREAT cutting system. Best on the market I would say.

    1. THANK YOU so much for this! I have reached out to multiple “official” people via multiple channels, and could not get this answer! It’s too bad it cannot cut the size I need, but I REALLY appreciate your clarification!!

  3. There is also a large one –with 6 cuts: 11 1/4, 10, 9 7/8 (?), 9 3/4, 8 1/2 and 8 3/4 maybe the nines are 9 3/4 and 9 1/2…but that are large…all of these are great to have…what and why do you only want one size if you scrapbook, the circles will cut photos and allow you a lot of room for photos…I love my custom cutting system..both circles and ovals!!

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