It’s Home, Tweet Home With This Birdhouse Scrapbook Layout

Many people cannot wait for spring to arrive. The Earth, on its seasonal trek, leans in closer to the sun and brings bouts of warmer weather, verdant grass, budding blooms and a chorus of chirping birds! And this springtime sensation, migration and nesting of birds is the perfect time to do some bird watching (and perhaps learning a bit about the feathered fowls that live in your area!). Just ask blog contributor Sachiyo Omitsu — her and her family have been admiring recent winged additions that have called their front porch home, tweet home! Take a look at this birdhouse scrapbook layout and try it out for yourself!

Sachiyo’s Inspiration 

Every spring we welcome new bird families nesting at our front porch. As we usually have three bird nests in the spring — we call our front porch the “bird apartments.” My children love to see baby birds chirping and calling from the nest. We sometimes see the parent birds care for the fledglings by feeding them and watching for their safety while they are trying to fly in our backyard. Do you have bird families at your home in the spring?

To create this layout you will need:

Step 1: Use two sheets of the sky patterned paper as the base.

Step 2: Fold the log cabin wood grain paper in half. Mark on the folded side at 1″ from the top (The folded side is on the left of the picture). Mark at 2″ and 3″ from the top on the other side. Draw a line connecting the 1″ and 3″ marked points. Draw a line from the midway point on the top to 2” marked point. Cut along the lines.

Step 3: Cut off the sides of the largest piece (the log cabin wall) by 1″. Cut the log cabin wall and roof in half. Add to the base. Use backside of the paper for the roof.

Step 4: Using the Climbing Vine Chain Border Maker Cartridge, punch two borders from the dark green tonal paper. Adhere to the bottom of the base. Set aside two pieces from the punched out shapes for “doorknobs.”

Step 5: Cut two mats measuring 4″ x 6″ from the navy tonal paper. Trim the “Birds are chirping…” mat to measure 3-3/4″ x 5-3/4″ and adhere to one of the previously cut navy tonal mats. Cut a piece from the birch bark paper to measure 3-3/4″ x 5-3/4″ and add to the other navy tonal mat. Add “doorknobs” and embellishments to the mats and put in Peekaboo Pockets™.

Step 6: For the photo mats, cut four mats measuring 4-1/4″ x 5-1/2″ from the navy tonal paper and add to the page.

Step 7: For the journal mat, cut a 5-1/2″ x 1-3/4″ piece of leaf chevron paper and a 5-1/4″ x 1-1/2″ piece from the birch bark paper. Adhere the smaller piece on the larger one and add to the page.

Step 8: Adhere stickers and embellishments, using Foam Squares on some for added dimension. Put the pages in the page protectors and add the Peekaboo Pockets™.

Are you an avid bird-watcher? Do you like the look of this birdhouse scrapbook layout? Chirp up and let us know in the comments below!

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