Make One-of-a-Kind Layouts with the Australia Map Recipe Template

Crikey! Have you seen the new Australia Map Recipe Template?! If you have ever visited Australia or have the pleasure of living there, it’s a must-have for making one-of-a-kind layouts like today’s project for your authentically Aussie memories! And with Australia Day right around the corner, there’s no time like the present to try it out!

To create this layout you will need:

Step 1: Trace and cut the elongated shapes behind the map of Australia from designer paper using the Recipe Template. Trace and cut each State/Territory from designer papers and photos to fit. (Use the Photo Labeling Pencil for tracing onto the photos.)

Step 2: Use the Multi-Purpose Clips to hold the Recipe Template in place over a background piece of designer paper.

Step 3: Adhere each piece, including each photo, into the template spaces with the Repositionable Tape Runner.

Step 4: To create the windmill embellishment:

  • Using the small Custom Cutting System Circle Pattern, cut a circle using the Green Blade on the inside track from brown designer paper. Keep the template in place and cut a second circle with the Red Blade on the inside track to produce a small ring shape.
  • Using a scrap piece of cardstock, create a windmill blade template using a ruler and pencil. Each blade measures: 1/2″ wide on one end down to 7/8″ on the other. Each blade is 1-1/4″ long. Once a template has been measured and cut from the cardstock, use it as a template to cut 8 blades from brown designer paper. Using the Precision Point Adhesive Pen, glue each blade around the circular ring.
  • Trim 2 small strips of brown designer paper to be 1/8″ wide. Adhere them to the back of the small circle (brown side facing down) in a cross pattern. Cut off any over-hang with scissors.
  • Cut two 1/4″ x 12″ strips of brown design paper. From one strip, cut two 4″ long windmill leg strips. Place them brown-side-down approximately 1-1/2″ apart but with the top angling in a little. From the remaining strips, create two cross sections and adhere them brown-side-down on the back of the legs. Trim off any over-hang. Turn the legs back over and adhere in place, to an angle on the layout. Adhere the circular blades to the top.
  • Cut another blade using the template on brown designer paper, only slightly longer. Cut a small length from the remaining piece of 1/4″ x 12″ leg strips and adhere to the right of the windmill. Adhere the larger blade over the top with a ”G’Day” title created with the White Sans Serif ABC/123 Stickers.
  • Using the Chalking Pen, draw a stitched line border around each blade for detail.

Step 5: To finish, add some journal strips cut from designer paper and journal as desired.

So there you have it — instructions to create a beautiful layout for your Aussie adventures! Comment below to let us know if you’ve visited Australia or if you live there and tell us what photos you’ll use for your layouts with this Recipe Template!

9 thoughts on “Make One-of-a-Kind Layouts with the Australia Map Recipe Template

  1. Love it….I have a thing about windmills from era gone by, so am so happy for the pattern to make one…thanks.

    1. I like this template, but would like to see some ideas for using it for other that Austrailia — Have never been there and may never get the opportunity to go so this seems very limited to me. Any thoughts on how to use for other pages would be helpful.

  2. I love this layout! I have never been to Australia, but have some scrapping friends down under. Just like C. Diane Rummell posted, I too am a windmill fan! Thanks for sharing a great layout today.

  3. Finished my Aussie/NZ scrapbook – went in the 9th grade with my Grands. Would have loved this template – maybe I’ll borrow one and use it for the title page. Really cool!

  4. It seems there are a lot of us who are windmill fans! When growing up in the 50’s, my sister and I would count windmills on the long drive to our grandfather’s house in West Texas. There aren’t many of this old style still in working condition, but I have plans to make a “this is my life” album, and I will make this windmill to add to a whole page of journaling about those trips. Thanks!

  5. I was using the polishing cloth from CM. I tried the kleenex and it doesn’t come off. So i am thinking its the way my pictures are printed. I print them out at Wal Mart. I am going to print them else where, maybe thats the problem.

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