Spring Into Organization: Take On The Great Spring Refresh Challenge

When was the last time you did a thorough assessment of your craft space? It can be easy to toss things here and there and lose track of the treasures you want to use. Organizing helps you identify what you love, what you know you’ll never use and gives you the space and peace of mind to identify your priorities. When everything is in its place, it makes it easy to focus on the joy of album making.

With spring just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to sort, assess, purge, prioritize and ensure you have exactly what you need to realize your album-making goals for the year. So why not have a little fun with it and join your fellow scrappers to take on The Great Spring Refresh challenge in the Virtual Crop Facebook Group?!

How The Great Spring Refresh challenge works:

  • Who can participate? All Advisors and customers who are members of the Virtual Crop Facebook Group.
  • What is the challenge? Go through your craft space with an eye to organize and identify what you can let go of and what you need. Follow the steps below, and upon completion, submit your before-and-after photos (together in one post) in the Facebook Group with #GreatSpringRefresh for the chance to WIN.
  • How will winners be selected? Winners will be selected randomly, however, it must be obvious that there was improvement between the before and after pictures. 
  • What can you win? Four (4) lucky winners will win a BUNDLE of must-have products valued at $153.50 USD (Storage & Display Tote, Tools Organizer, Sort & Stash Binder and Power® Project Folders). 
  • When are submissions due? There will be two (2) qualification periods: 2 winners will be selected from submissions posted by this Sunday, March 6, at 11:59pm CT, and 2 winners will be selected from submissions posted by next Sunday, March. 13, at 11:59pm CT.
  • Why are there two qualification periods? Because we know craft spaces vary in size and organizational needs. Also, if you complete the challenge this weekend, you’ll know what supplies you need to replenish.
  • When will winners be announced? The 2 winners chosen from submissions by this Sunday will be announced on Thursday, March 10. The 2 winners chosen from submissions by next Sunday (March 13) will be announced on Thursday, March 17, along with the Virtual Crop winners.

How to participate:

  • Step 1: Take a “Before” photo of your craft space.  If it’s a mess, don’t worry — you’ll be proud of your progress when it’s done. If it’s already clean and organized, great! You may want to think about efficiency — are the things you use most often right at hand? Is it easy to sit down and complete a single page, border or card without having to dig?
  • Step 2: Sort through your craft supplies with a critical eye. Have you used X in the last year? Do you still love it? Does the design still suit you? Do you know what project you will use X for? If the answer is no, put those items into a donation box. Craft supplies are highly requested items by daycares, schools, foster home organizations, community centers, women’s shelters, after-school programs and children’s hospitals.
  • Step 3: Organize the products that you use and wish to keep. Think about how you use them, too. Does sorting by collection work best? Or by color? Is it easy to find what you’re looking for? If you already have storage solutions like the Tools Organizer, Storage & Display Tote, Rolling Bag, etc., you’ll want to give those a review and re-org, too! Just because they appear organized in your craft space doesn’t mean they’re organized on the inside!
  • Step 4: Review the checklist below of recommended must-haves and cross-check them against your supplies. Are there any you are missing or any new ones you’d like to try? How are your basics holding up? There’s nothing worse than getting into a cropping flow and realizing your blades are dull or your Tape Runner is about to run out. The quantities shown are recommendations so you won’t have to worry about outages and/or can invite a friend over to crop! 
  • Step 5: Take an “After” photo of your craft space and post it — along with your “Before” picture — in the Virtual Crop Facebook Group with #GreatSpringRefresh. Way to go, you did it! Now you can bask in the beauty (and functionality!) of your organized craft space and maybe even be one of the lucky winners! 


  • What is considered a “craft space”? Wherever you craft and however you store your products! Whether you have a dedicated craft room or crop at the kitchen table, it counts. Any organizational solutions for products, tools also qualify (e.g., Rolling Bag, Tools Organizer, shelves, Power® Project Folders/Layout Box/Sort Box, etc.).
  • What is considered “organized” for my craft space? To be eligible to win, it must be evident that you have made an improvement between the before and after pictures. 
  • My craft space is already organized; can I still participate? Yes! If your craft room is already “organized” prior to the challenge, you may wish to show a closeup of a particular area in your craft space that you organized (e.g., if you cleaned out and re-organized your Rolling Bag, you may wish to show a before and after shot of the inside of your Rolling Bag).
  • Do I have to have all Creative Memories products in my craft space to be eligible to win? No, but it must be evident that you have Creative Memories products in your craft space.

We hope you’ll be joining us to take on The Great Spring Refresh challenge and can’t wait to see your organizational enhancements!

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