We Urgently Need Your Help!

Help! Six members of our Home Office team are MISSINGIf it was just one or two, we might be able to keep things up and running (for a while at least), but six? And spanning so many key departments — communicationsmarketing, the Advisor communitycustomer service… our VICE PRESIDENT for goodness sake? We can’t run CM without them!

We’re all SO, so scared…

Please, please help us find them! To join the search party, visit the CM website and search high and low for where Marnie, Lorrayne, Alison, Sarah, Amber and Susan are hiding… you’ll want to look for their faces hiding in product descriptions, category pages… they could be anywhere!

Your super-important mission is to find ALL 6 of them on the website and complete a short survey telling us where you found them. And when you do…

There’s a $200 shopping spree reward that could be yours!

Simply complete the survey and tell us where you found all 6 missing team members by this Sunday, April 3, at 11:59pm CT, and you’ll be eligible to win a $200 shopping spree! 

Two lucky winners will receive a $200 shopping spree — winners will be chosen randomly, but to be eligible to win, you will have to have found all 6 and correctly identified where you found them on the website. 

Winners will be announced on our Facebook page and in the Virtual Crop Facebook Group on Wednesday, April 6, at noon CT. 

It’s important that we find all 6 because
without them, how can YOU…

Get answers to your questions on
our Facebook Groups without Marnie?

Marnie was hiding in the Our Story webheader graphic!

Learn about new products, promos and launches without Lorrayne?

Lorrayne was hiding on the My First Photo Album!

Develop NEW products from your
wish lists without Alison?
(Vice President)

Alison was hiding on the Anchor Punch!

Get new Custom/Digital offerings
and tutorials without Sarah?
(Custom & Digital Marketing)

Sarah was hiding in the Custom Album Covers webheader graphic!

Get coaching and support for your
Advisor business without Amber?
(Advisor Community)

Amber was hiding on the Botanical Burst Recipe Template!

Get the help you need when you
need it without Susan?
(Customer Service)

Susan was hiding on the Just Dance Theme Pack!

Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Share the challenge on Facebook. Just click “Share” on the post on the public Facebook page!
  2. Search the website to find all 6 missing Home Office team members.
  3. Complete the short survey and tell us where you found all 6 team members.
  4. Visit the Virtual Crop Facebook Group every few hours today to see MORE videos from HO team members who are concerned where their colleagues are.

Please, please help us find them! We’re depending on you… and who wouldn’t love the chance to win a $200 shopping spree as a reward?!

17 thoughts on “We Urgently Need Your Help!

    1. That’s okay, you can still participate! You can search the website and when you find all 6, you can complete the survey (where we will ask for your email) so if you’re a winner, we can email you to notify you!

  1. I’ll start looking right away! The Leprechauns may have something like do with it! Love it…back at you!

  2. Check out any Scrapbooking Retreats that might be going on. Maybe you will find them there!

  3. Are they all on the website? I’ve been searching all day & only found 2 !I’ve looked everywhere on the website, blog & Facebook virtual crop page & main page. This is ridiculous

  4. What a fun idea! I have only found 4, but this was definitely something thinking outside the box! Thanks HO.

  5. I found all 6 of them! It took me hours to find the last one which was an easy find – I was like, “doh! Why didn’t I try that the first time?!”- but I did it! I will say though, that on a cell phone the photo of one of the ladies is not easy to see or even recognize. I think it’s best to use a tablet or laptop/desktop monitor. Have fun everyone- and thanks, HO, for a fun April Fool’s Day!

  6. I thought this was a fun way to check out Everything on the website. I found everyone. Thanks for an interesting adventure.

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