Sketch Round-Up Nov. 14-27

Creativity is the key to the door of expression, and creativity can take an array of different options — it could be painting or poetry, music or metalsmithing, improv or Irish dancing, or anything that brings imagination and original ideas (tangible or intangible) into the world… and that obviously includes scrapbooking! So, all you creatives out there, rev the engine of your mind and blast off toward these four sketches. We can’t wait to see what your brilliant and beautiful mind makes and brings to the (album) finish line!

Sketch #1

Look at the contrast of this layout! Are you yearning to take it on? Check out this link for the details.

Sketch #2

Yes, winter may be chilly, but this layout is simply too cool with its light, airy blues and whites.

Sketch #3

It’s bold, it’s brilliant, it’s Sketch #3! See how to make this border (and a few other goodies) by clicking here.

Sketch #4

This border will be coming to the blog soon, but how would you make the sketch your own? Give it a go!

Love creating scrapbook layouts from sketches?

The last Virtual Crop of 2022 is just a blink in time away (don’t worry, we have plenty VCs in store for 2023!) and we’re so ready to share with you six awesome challenges for the chance to win prizes! Clear your calendars for Dec. 9-10 (AU 10-11 Dec.) and make sure to share the Facebook Group page so even more scrappers (the group is already at 30K members!) can join in on the extravaganza! The more, the merrier!

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