Sketch Round-Up Aug. 14-27

School is cool… and so is this edition of CM’s Sketch Round-Up series! Each sketch is a show-and-tell of A+ memories, whether it’s around academics or extracurriculars! Show off your school spirit (and scrappy skills and creativity!) now!

Sketch #1

We’re the champions, we’re on top! When it comes to scrapbooking, we never stop! Show your school spirit and smarts with this layout (and a few others, too!) by clicking here.

Sketch #2

You’ll be top-of-the-class cool after making this layout!

Sketch #3

Study up on how to make this border — all you have to do is click on the link!

Sketch #4

This golf-themed layout is definitely tee-riffic! See how you can piece it together, along with other extracurricular themes like soccer, swimming and football, here!

Love creating scrapbook layouts from sketches?

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