Create Entire 8×8 Vintage Scrapbook Albums with a Few Simple Cuts

Have you placed your orders for the exclusive 8×8 Bookcloth Album Covers yet? From now until Oct. 22, you can get seven new 8×8 covers that are perfectly-sized to house your photos and memories. You’ll love telling your whole story with these 8x8s, but first, you’ll need some quick and simple layout ideas! We’ve got a fun trick for you to do just that and fill your 8×8 album with layouts that look great — read on to find out how!

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Weekly Sketch Round-Up Sept. 16-20

Good news: You’ve come to the exact place to get all the inspiration you need to create your next project! From layouts and spreads to cards and paper crafts, The Weekly Sketch Round-Up is brimming with ideas to shake up your scrapping style. You might even say it’s an answer to your project prayers! Check out these four sketches and let them lead you all the way back to your craft room!

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Five Helpful Tips for Scanning and Preserving Old Photos

Chances are, you’ve got a collection of old photos stashed away somewhere. These photos allow you to look back on precious moments and appreciate your heritage and family history, but as time goes on, they start to age more and more. So, how do you preserve and save them from Father Time? Blog contributor Krista Taylor has plenty of experience scanning old photos and creating digital versions that’ll last a lifetime. Take a look at her tips and tricks to learn how to get the perfect scan every time!

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Leaf Your Worries Behind with this Exclusive Outdoor Scrapbook Layout

During the autumn season, it’s hard to walk anywhere without having to side-step peppy pinecones and scattered branches. And whether you’re raking leaves in the yard or strolling the sidewalks to see their changing hues, the Pinecone Punch and Branch Border Punch are perfect for creating an arboretum of autumn scrapbook layouts. They’re available only through a limited-time promotion, so check out today’s ideas using these two exclusive punches and then head over to your CM site and make qualifying purchases to earn them!

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Weekly Sketch Round-Up Sept. 9-13

Although they sort of look like it, sketches don’t have to be black-and-white. When we show a layout alongside a sketch, it isn’t meant to be an exact map for how your layout should look. It’s meant to be more of a guide. You can make any changes to a sketch that you want — in fact, we encourage it! Take a look at the four sketches in the Weekly Sketch Round-Up and let us know what changes and modifications you would play with to make them your own!

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Weekly Sketch Round-Up Sept. 2-6

Where is the first place your mind goes when you see an exciting new sketch or layout idea? Are you thinking about all the photos you can use with it? Is your mind shooting out tons of new ideas you can incorporate into your albums at a breakneck speed? Or are you simply thinking, “Okay, how quickly can I get into my crafting room to get started?” No matter what you think, we hope you’re able to channel those thoughts into creative expression with these four sketches — it’s time for the Weekly Sketch Round-Up!

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Weekly Sketch Round-Up August 26-30

When was the last time you felt a spark of TRUE inspiration? Not the type of inspiration that makes you say, “Hmm, that’s interesting.” We’re talking the kind that makes you drop what you’re doing and rush to your creative workspace. It may seem like those moments are few and far between, but when that lightning bolt strikes, you’ve got to seize the moment! Maybe today’s Weekly Sketch Round-Up will provide you with that scrapping spark! There’s only one way to find out — take a look at these four sketches and see if any of them get the creative ball rolling!

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Vibe with the Vintage Versatility of this Rustic Scrapbook Layout

One of the best parts of the Memoirs & Memories collection is how adaptable it is. There are so many different layouts you can create with it, from academic achievements to milestone moments and anything in-between. When blog contributor Natalie got her hands on the collection, the flexibility of it was the first thing she noticed. Take a look at the rustic scrapbook layout she was able to create and imagine the possibilities that come with it!

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Weekly Sketch Round-Up August 19-23

Let’s be honest with ourselves for a second — how many of us actually get to craft as much as we’d like? Unfortunately, due to day-to-day routines and responsibilities, it can be hard to find time to create. Often, the only way it ever gets done is if you specifically carve out time in your schedule. That’s our challenge for you this week: Set aside distraction-free crafting time so you can work on some of the sketches presented in today’s Weekly Sketch Round-Up. Let’s check them out!

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