Weekly Sketch Round-Up July 1-5

At the end of the day, sketches are just guidelines. Sure, the layouts we show alongside them match up well with the sketch but they’re REALLY there to inspire you and give you a great place to start. When you get going, you can follow the sketch as strictly or as loosely as possible – it’s up to you! Take a look at the four sketches posted to our Instagram this past week and think about what you can do to turn them into masterpieces of your own!

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Show Pride in Your Country with these Fun Scrapbook Layout Ideas

The first week of July means two things for the majority of North Americans — Canada Day (July 1) and U.S. Independence Day (July 4). People love to take the time to express gratitude and pride while celebrating the country they call home, and these celebrations come jam-packed with fun memories that will last a lifetime. Need some ideas for a Canada Day scrapbook layout or a 4th of July scrapbook layout that can house these photos and memories! You’re in luck — blog contributors Mati and Marja took some time to explain how and why they created these original scrapbook layout ideas. Check them out below!

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Weekly Sketch Round-Up June 24-28

Do you find yourself running out of ideas for projects to create? Maybe you’ve got a bit of scrapbooker’s block and you need some inspiration to jump-start your imagination? No matter what the case may be, you’re in luck, because today’s Weekly Sketch Round-Up is full of four fresh ideas you just HAVE to incorporate into your next project or album. Take a look!

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Weekly Sketch Round-Up June 17-21

How would you describe your scrapbooking style? Are you a sticker fiend? All about embellishments? Is no layout complete until it’s jam-packed with photos? No matter how you prefer to scrapbook, these sketches provide you with some fresh ideas for how you can construct your layouts and borders. Check them out in this edition of the Weekly Sketch Round-Up!

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Create Your Very Own DIY Travel Log Using the Travel Log Collection

When you travel, there’s a lot to take in. You’re seeing all sorts of new sights, meeting all sorts of new people and trying all sorts of new things — it can be a lot to absorb! To help remember every thing from every adventure, many people create travel logs wherever they go. And fittingly enough, the Travel Log collection has all the supplies you need to create your own DIY travel log. Check out how blog contributor Tina used the collection to make a log that captures her wanderlust!

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Celebrate Summertime with these Summer Scrapbook Border Ideas

For students, summertime means one thing: Freedom! For scrapbookers, summertime means something else: Having the freedom of inspiration to craft and create. There are so many memories to be made in the summertime, that come fall, your album will be nice and full. As for those summer scrapbook layouts, how will you add the finishing touches to them? By adorning them with some summer scrapbook borders, of course! Check out these summer scrapbook border ideas along with this DIY summer card and get creating!

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Weekly Sketch Round-Up June 10-14

When we use sketches, the potential creative possibilities are endless! It’s so easy to funnel our imagination through their general guidelines and create a project that’s truly unique and special to us. You can design so many different layouts with help from sketches and that includes the four in this week’s Weekly Sketch Round-Up! Take a look and then get !

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Hit the Open Road and Make Some Memories with this Travel Scrapbook Layout

How much fun are road trips? There’s nothing like getting a group of friends or family together and heading off toward a destination together. If you’ve been on a road trip, you know that the journey is just as fun (if not more fun) than the destination. You’re bound to make memories mile after mile and the Scenic Route collection captures them all from coast to coast. Check out this road trip scrapbook layout and get started on yours before your next big trip! (And don’t forget the snacks!)

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Weekly Sketch Round-Up June 3-7

How do you go about planning the week ahead? It’s likely that you take a look at your schedule and do some meal prepping but do you ever take the time to plan what projects you want to create? It’s important to schedule time for them, too — sometimes it’s the only way to ensure you get to scrapbook at all! Do you have some ideas for scrapbook projects you want to create this week? If not, you’re in luck because the Weekly Sketch Round-Up has four new ideas for you to try! Check out the layouts and border and give them a shot this week!

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Weekly Sketch Round-Up May 27-31

What do we like most about sketches? The endless possibilities they provide! Each one of these blank scrapbook templates opens up the floodgates to our imagination. How many different ideas or layout variations pop into your head when you look at a sketch? Hopefully too many to count because there are four new sketches ready for you in today’s Weekly Sketch Round-Up. Let your ideas run wild on these blank canvases!

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