Sketch Round-Up Dec. 13-26

Well, folks, this is the last Sketch Round-Up of 2021… but you better believe 2022 will be FULL of even more Sketch Round-Ups, a bounty of blog posts, clickable cool videos and helpful tutorials, packed promos, fantastic launches and more (and that’s just for January!). We’re feeling the good vibes for sure, and can’t wait to see what you make from these extra-good sketches! Let’s go and enjoy the latest 2021 edition of the Sketch Round-Up.

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Sketch Round-Up Nov. 29-Dec. 12

2021 may be dwindling down, but inspiration is always in supply, whether it’s the blog, insight and input fellow Advisors and customers, video tutorials and YouTube, Virtual Crops and more! We’re hope you’re ready for a boost of beautiful ideas, for the time is NOW for another Sketch Round-Up! Make these today and share with us (and your scrappy friends!) your finished projects!

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Sketch Round-Up Nov. 15-28

The hustle and bustle of the festive season has truly hit! From Friendsgivings to office parties, Hanukkah, as well as the upcoming Boxing Day and Christmas events with family, it’s definitely a busy time of year. But even with all those outings and plans, the joy of sitting down to make a layout with the grandkids or gifting a handmade card to a next-door acquaintance makes the season more special. Tap into your crafty trimmings and trappings by making these project ideas — here we go with another Sketch Round-Up!

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Weather New Wonders With This Snowflake Scrapbook Layout

To put it simply, snowflakes are hexagonal crystal structures of ice. But to expand on that… they’re snow much fun to make frosty memories with — sweeping your arms and legs on the ground to make snow angels, rolling into cool orbs to have snowball fights with friends, skiing down a slick slope and much more. And to celebrate this wonder, use the Starflake Recipe Template, like blog contributor Sachiyo Omitsu did! (Psst, that recipe template is also great for projects based around graduation, special occasions or awards, anniversaries and more!) But, check out Sachiyo’s snowflake scrapbook layout see how your wintertime experiences and Polar-oids can shine!

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Bring On the #2021BlackFridayBONUS Challenge & Black Friday Bundles

A whisk of Winter Days whimsy + a sweet sprinkling of Candy Cane Lane + an effervescent mixture of Blue & Gold… why, that’s a recipe for an AWESOME batch of Black Friday bundles! For a limited time while supplies last, you can earn up to 3 exclusive bundles FREE with qualifying orders! There is also a Digital Artwork version of this, too! Talk about a Black FriYAY!

For more details, visit: US | CA | AU

And with these three bundles of holi-dazzling delight, it’s only fitting to give you three sketch challenges — aka, your #2021BlackFridayBONUS challenge! Take on the challenge, which features products from each of the packed parcels in this limited-time promo, in the Virtual Crop Facebook Group.

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Sketch Round-Up Nov. 1-14

Every season has a reason… and being crafters, there’s always a reason to scrapbook! During summertime, we scrapbook. It’s fun to spring into crafting action in springtime — no rain on our parade. Autumn — the perfect time to fall into new projects. And come the polar vortex months, burrowing in your craft room and letting your creativity heat up (like a steaming cup of coffee, hot toddy or tea!) is consistently heartwarming. Speaking of winter, celebrate this season with these four frosty finds from the blog — it’s time for another Sketch Round-Up!

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Freeze Your Memories Upon This Snowflake Scrapbook Layout

“To appreciate the beauty of a snowflake it is necessary to stand out in the cold.” — Aristotle

There’s something so lovely about the first snowfall of winter. Yes, it does mean the start of longer, colder months, but as those fluffy white flakes slowly drift down to blanket the Earth with crystalline patterns, many cannot help but become entranced at the magical meteorology. And after that fresh snow cloaks the landscape, go for an evening walk — your boots make crunching sounds, the air is crisp and the snow is glistening in the moonlight. See? Magic.

Today’s blog is all about the beauty of snow (before we have to shovel if off the driveway!), so bundle up and take a look at this snowflake scrapbook layout!

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Frame Frosty Feelings: Winter Mat Scrapbook Layout

Mats can act as framing elements to your photos and captions — they add new dimension and layers to your pages and bring attention to your stories and memories… … and can actually be used to create an entire layout! Enjoy your frosty moments now and then with this winter mat scrapbook layout and share in the comments section what you love most about the luster of cold-weather months!

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Welcome a Blizzard of Beauty With This Winter Scrapbooking Layout

Strap on your heavy-duty boots, put on those fuzzy gloves and take advantage of Old Man Winter! No matter what’s on your wintertime bucket list — from outdoor workouts like snowshoeing, broomball and cross-country skiing, or more chillaxed activities like visiting ice castles or making snow angels — there’s plenty to enjoy about these cold-weather months. (Pssst, it’s also totally okay to set up shop in from of a roaring fireplace and drink hot chocolate — that counts as a winter activity in our book!) No matter the mood, check out this winter scrapbooking layout and let your memories get wrapped up in wonder!

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Snow Much Fun: Scallop Borders for Winter Scrapbook Projects

More elegant that a wave and more entrancing than a simple geometric pattern, the repeated series of arcs and curvaceous shapes of scallops make it a subtle yet also bold design impression. And if you want to double down on this dynamic detail, then the Mirrored Scallops Chain Border Maker Cartridge is your aesthetic answer. Make these brr-illiant winter scrapbook projects, featuring scallop borders, that are snow much fun to make. (The scalloped designs almost mimic snowball shapes or mounds of skiable snow, too!)

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