Seize the Moment with this Q1 Advisor Join Scrapbook Layout

There’s a little over one week left in the Q1 Advisor Join Promo, which means that time is running out to acquire the exclusive Modern Moments Paper Pack and Stickers that are part of the FREE gift for joining as an Advisor! Check out this scrapbook layout that was made with these momentously marvelous stickers and papers (chock-full of earthy textures and shades, happy-go-lucky sayings and geometric patterns aplenty), which is only available through the Q1 Advisor Join Promo!

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It all started when…

It was 1989. I got a letter in the mail that said “Come see the new Shoebox to Showcase scrapbook albums; learn how to get your pictures out of those yucky sticky albums. Bring a friend and get a FREE PEN!”

Of course I wanted to learn about putting pictures in albums. Ordering triplicate copies of pictures was the ”in” thing to do when you got them developed. Which meant that my once-scant box of pictures was now exploding all over the place in numerous boxes, spilling out of bags, and peeking out from under the bed.  SO many pictures because I had two little children.  And I meant to capture every new outfit, messy face and everything in between.

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