Tips To Photograph Your Happy Moments

Raise your hand if you love to take photos. Raise your hand if you love to scrapbook. Raise your hand if you want to take better photos for your scrapbook. If you raised your hand at least once, then this blog post is for you! Photos are worth a thousand words, tell our stories and help us to cherish our happiest moments. With help from the professionals at Shuttersmack studio, I have eight tips for improving your picture-taking game to help document your happy moments from every angle. Keep reading to learn how to take beautiful photos of your adventures for your Happy Album! 

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How to Create a January Reflection Page in Your Happy Album

Today I invite you to follow along and create your own January reflection page with me! Get cozy and grab a coffee as I walk through how to reflect on all your best moments in January using the Happy Album and my journal prompts. Keep reading to find a January Journal Prompt Challenge, my reflection page layout (spoiler: there is a never before seen Happy Album sketch included!) and a giveaway to win a Fast2Fab Album cover of your choice. Let’s have fun and get creative! 

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Tackle Your 2019 Goals with These Happy Album Planner Tips

Normally, I would already feel like I’m falling behind on my New Year’s goals, but this year I’m proud to say I’m more motivated and organized than ever! (Spoiler: It’s not because I drink five cups of coffee a day.) Keep reading to find out how I use my Happy Album and Planner Kit to organize my busy life (seriously, this is an accomplishment), stay on top of my 2019 goals and have fun throughout the process!

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Back To The Books

Getting back to school is not my favourite time of year as I love having the children around the house without the busy school schedules, but once they are back we work into the schedule quickly.  I do love taking back to school photos though!

I few years ago I started taking a photo on the first day of school and the last day of school on the front step to show the difference in the children throughout their school year.  They always mature quite a bit through the school year, but the biggest difference is their growth.  I love the Bookworm digital kit with all of the school related embellishments, but what I really love is the colours as they are muted primary colours.

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Digital Tips – Decorative Digital Prints

The Pockets Albums are a great way to get a project done quickly, especially for gifts.  I love using lots of embellishments so incorporating digital artwork with my photos works fantastically for  pocket pages.

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