Play With Shades in These Tonal Scrapbook Borders

There are so many tranquil tones and tints to play with when you create with the Natural Disposition collection due to its earthy palette of slate, brown, steel and light blue, mint and more! But even with the serenely soft shades, (and use of the Bridge Border Maker Cartridge!) your designs can really pop off the page! See for yourself in these totally terrific and tonal scrapbook borders!

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Manifest Masculine Masterpieces with these DIY Cards and Scrapbook Borders

Have you come up with some classic creations using the Genuine collection yet? Drawing inspiration from traditional menswear fabrics, tailor-made textiles and rugged, natural elements, this collection gives all your projects a down-to-earth yet dapper look. Not only can you create authentic layouts, but also fun DIY cards and scrapbook borders that have an incomparably iconic look. Check them out!

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Make Great Fall Scrapbook Borders with Border Maker Cartridges & Punches

Do you have a layout that just doesn’t seem tied together yet? Try adding a border! Borders are a great way to drive home the theme of the layout and make everything look like it’s all on the same page (pun intended). If you’re creating autumn layouts and want to see how to make fall scrapbook borders, you’re in luck! The Garland and Pumpkins Border Maker Cartridges and On the Vine Border Punch will help you create fall scrapbook borders you can be proud of. Read on to learn how to make three borders with them!

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Winning Sports Borders

Whether you play the game or cheer in the stands, sports of all kinds offer some of the most exhilarating moments of our lives! Capture all the excitement of game day by snapping pics of the action, the players and teams. Try to include wide shots of the venue and close-ups of determined and focused faces. Add programs & ticket stubs, and journal all the highlights. Then pull it all together on your page layout with some action-inspiring borders.

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A Little Note

A little note….is all it will take to put a smile on someone’s face.

Create this card, and the daisies will dance right off of it– and you are guaranteed smiles!

It doesn’t have to be for any special occasion, just a random act.

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Mixin’ It Up with Mix & Match

There are SO many fun ways to play with the Mix & Match Collection!

These papers and embellishments are endlessly versatile and will make your page layouts and projects come to life when you just need that certain pop of color.

Try these borders out, check out the variations that follow, and then see what you come up with!

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Vacation Borders Take Flight!

It’s that time of year…time for family vacations! So much of the fun is in the planning and the getting there. Why not start your vacation pages with pictures of the eager adventure-bound faces on the plane and stories and memorabilia of the travel plans?

Here I’ve paired the Gallivant collection with the Jumbo Jet Border Maker Cartridge to create some easy vacation borders.

Wherever your adventures take you this summer, I hope you enjoy the journey!

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Scrapbook Borders Inspired by Japanese Art

These beautiful Japonism Pastel papers and Natural Laser Cut Embellishment products were designed to honor the influence of Japanese art on western culture and feature both natural themes and subtle graphics in soft hues.

It was fun showing you how to do a few paper folding techniques, and incorporating them into the borders as well.

Create a few of your own borders, and share with us on social media using #creativememories .

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Go on an Adventure with Scrapbook Borders

There’s nothing like getting out in nature–feeling warm breezes, smelling trees and campfires, experiencing your surroundings, from ordinary to majestic. Of course, having your camera along to try to capture it all is part of the adventure! When you’re back home, spreading out your pictures and remembering the day, the Adventure Collection’s earthy designs, colors and images will help you tell the story in vivid detail.

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