Encircle Endearment With This Family Scrapbook Layout Idea

Circles — a rather simple shape, but one the oldest geometric symbols that commonly represents unity, infinity and timelessness, among others. And guess what? You can recreate those sentiments of wholeness over and over again with the new Circle Cutter! Plus, when you add the Homestead collection into the mix, like this family scrapbook layout idea, you can see how circles can really unify and pull together a layout! Circles = unity. Family = unity. (It totally makes sense!) Round up your supplies and creativity and let’s get started!

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Traditionally Non-traditional with Mix & Match

I feel the need to give you a little history of me.  I love to create cards and mini albums but I had a mental block with scrapbooking I could not get rid of.  I wanted to scrapbook the numerous photos I have at home but I always felt like I would do it wrong.  I was afraid of someone pointing out everything that I shouldn’t do on a layout.  Not sure how I broke the mental block but it is gone forever!! I realized the pages I create are for me and my family to enjoy, it’s not like I am publishing them for the world to see…oh wait!  I am!!  I believe my style of scrapbooking is far from traditional but I am always happy with the result.  I hope you enjoy the layout I made of my great nephew Bannon.

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