Academically Accomplished: Graduation Scrapbook Layout

The first chords of the iconic “Pomp and Circumstance” swell through the air. Tissues are being handed out to wipe happy, emotional tears. Family members get their cameras and smartphones ready to capture this celebration. And then here come the graduates, proudly marching forward to get their well-deserved diplomas. Years of studying, homework and tests, theatrical plays, band or choir concerts, heart-pounding games and athletic meets, science fairs and lab reports… it all dwindles down to this magical, milestone moment. (Congrats!) And we’re saying congrats, as a matter of fact, by featuring this graduation scrapbook layout that says exactly that — the Congrats, Grad! collection (which may result in you throwing your own cap into the air too over its A+ awesomeness).

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Hats Off To The Graduates: Graduation Scrapbook Layout

Growing up, we’re all told to work hard, reach for the stars and dream big. These exact sentiments are often times reinforced during graduation ceremonies as encouraging words for life’s journey ahead, while also shedding light on the importance of taking the time to look back and celebrate the dedication it took to get to graduation day. The student’s hard work definitely deserves a “Huzzah” moment! So, get ready to applaud your graduate’s academic accomplishments with this top-of-the-class graduation scrapbook layout!

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