Encircle Endearment With This Family Scrapbook Layout Idea

Circles — a rather simple shape, but one the oldest geometric symbols that commonly represents unity, infinity and timelessness, among others. And guess what? You can recreate those sentiments of wholeness over and over again with the new Circle Cutter! Plus, when you add the Homestead collection into the mix, like this family scrapbook layout idea, you can see how circles can really unify and pull together a layout! Circles = unity. Family = unity. (It totally makes sense!) Round up your supplies and creativity and let’s get started!

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How To Use Recipe Templates

Do you ever find yourself wanting to create more complex and colorful scrapbook layouts, but don’t want to try and freehand something and risk it looking cluttered or disorganized? If that sounds familiar, we’ve got something you’ll love… Recipe Templates! Recipe Templates are the perfect tool for creating intricate, professional-looking scrapbook layouts. In today’s post, you’ll get the 411 on Recipe Templates, including what they are, how to use them and – of course – examples of the layouts you can make! Let’s take a look!

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