Tackle Your 2019 Goals with These Happy Album Planner Tips

Normally, I would already feel like I’m falling behind on my New Year’s goals, but this year I’m proud to say I’m more motivated and organized than ever! (Spoiler: It’s not because I drink five cups of coffee a day.) Keep reading to find out how I use my Happy Album and Planner Kit to organize my busy life (seriously, this is an accomplishment), stay on top of my 2019 goals and have fun throughout the process!

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Making Plans

Hi, everyone. I have been making plans for September using the Bookworm¬†Stickers and Embellishments. It’s hard to believe that school starts in just a few weeks and I am starting to stress, just a little… My nights are about to get even crazier, not that isn’t already crazy. As I am typing this post, I am wondering if I’ll have any time to scrap in the fall with homework, soccer games, and school events. I guess I’ll enjoy it while it last.

The stickers in this collection are adorable so naturally, for my planner, I used several stickers with a few die cuts. I used my Black Dual-Tip Pen to record my plans for the month of September.

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