Share The Funfair With Admission Ticket Borders 

Step right up, we have just the ticket for you — we’re admitting one and all to use the Admission Ticket Border Punch! Many of us scrappers like to keep (those not privy to scrapbooking may say “hoard” 😉) old receipts, newspaper clippings, movie stubs, trading cards and tickets aplenty — train, concert, amusement park, plays, musicals, VIPers and more — in order to save and relive those treasured trinkets and memories. So here’s your ticket to the past with a few admission ticket borders!

Hint: You can also save your tickets and other bits of memorabilia in CM’s Peekaboo Pockets™! These clear, photo-safe pockets allow you to slide photos, journal mats or artwork into the pockets and use the adhesive strip to easily attach them to your layout pages or the album binding. And they’re repositionable, so if you want to change where you placed your pockets, you can easily move them.

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Sketch Round-Up Nov. 20-Dec. 3

Woweeee, it’s December! Where did 2023 go?! No matter what, we hope this year has been filled with awesome adventures, fun festivities, momentous memories and superb scrapbooking! (And worry not, we still have memories to go until 2024!) To document those delightful days and miles of smiles, take an afternoon to scrapbook or be inspired by these four sketches that would make a lasting impression on your 2023 albums and layouts (or whenever, really!).

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A Primary Palette Project: Blue Scrapbook Layout

Have you ever heard of ROYGBIV (also known by the name of Roy G. Biv)? It’s an acronym for the hues of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. Well, we’re focusing our attention on B — blue! This blue scrapbook layout from blog contributor Karyn McDermaid-Rolfe is the perfect primary project and will have you exclaiming “Blue-ya!”

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Thrills Of A Lifetime: Amusement Park Scrapbook Layout

The thrill of rides — winding and sky-high or perhaps more low-to-the-ground — the hype, energy and rush of the crowds, the smell of popcorn, cotton candy and hot dogs in the air… what’s not to love about theme, amusement and water parks, right?! Well, here’s your ticket to good times and creative vibes, for the Amusement Parks collection is rollin’ up like a roller coaster! From relishing fun-filled family vacations to playing classic carnival games, oohing at fireworks show and live entertainment and enjoying much hydration and fair foods as possible, this amusement park scrapbook layout will help you relive the magic (without having to get in line again!) with ease! Buckle up, crafters!

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November Completed Album Challenge PLUS A Fall Scrapbook Layout

This time of year can be a busy one for many people — family get-togethers, harvest festivals and outdoor markets, Friendsgiving and Thanksgiving, Christmas prep, office parties and more — which also means ample opportunity for photo ops, memory-making and scrapbooking! And it’s only fitting to save those smiles and project piles by partaking in the Completed Album Challenge — going on NOW! Better yet, adding the final finishing (and very much professional-looking!) touch to your album can be a quick and easy breeze thanks to Fast2Fab™ Refill Pages, like this fall scrapbook idea! See for yourself below… and have fun with a fresh take that’s simple to make!

If you completed an album this month (does not need to be from start to finish in November, just completed in November), make a short video flipping through each of the pages in your newly completed album. Then, post your video in the Virtual Crop Facebook Group with the hashtag #CompletedNovember2023 for the chance to win!

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Deck Your Merry Memories With This Christmas Scrapbook Layout

It’s a topic as hot as chestnuts roasting over an open fire: When should you decorate for Christmas and put up the tree? Nov. 1, the day after Thanksgiving, the first weekend in December or mid-month, on Christmas Eve? Well, in our books, if it brings joy and holiday spirit into your home, there’s no such thing as decorating “too early” for the season — it’s about creating merry, priceless moments that make the season special for you and your loved ones. It’s beginning to look at lot like Christmas, especially with this Christmas scrapbook layout that you can make whenever you’re feeling festive!

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Feast On Your Blessings With This Fall Scrapbook Layout

It’s time for roasted turkey, buttery mashed potatoes, fresh green bean casserole, tasty stuffing (or dressing, depending on your family tradition!), delectable gravy, perfectly spiced pumpkin pies, tart cranberry sauce… and an attitude of gratitude! The U.S. Thanksgiving holiday is here and Product Development Creative Manager Noreen Smith is dishing up a fall scrapbook layout to relay what you’re most thankful and appreciative for.

Noreen: “Although I love getting lots of photos onto a layout, sometimes I like to highlight one special family photo. This one was taken on the rooftop terrace of the Shriners Hospital for Children in Montreal this fall when our son Grayson was given a clean bill of health after a grueling back surgery and recuperation. He was so excited to be given the go ahead to resume doing all the things he loves, and our whole family was relieved and grateful for the positive outcome. This photo captures that moment perfectly and I only need the one photo to remember how grateful I am.” 

Feast on this blessings beauty for yourself!

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A Woodland Wonder Of Evergreen Memories: Winter Scrapbook Borders

When deciduous trees go into dormancy and drop their leaves, what’s left are sturdy brown trunks and branches that seem to blend into the frigid landscape, only to be forgotten until budding spring. But evergreens never take a break; they withstand blustery days and stand out against Old Man Winter’s white coat. The frosty scene turns into a magical wonderland and a forest of opportunities — snowshoeing, nature walks, birdwatching and skiing. Also to add to the list? Making these winter scrapbook borders featuring the Treeline Border Maker Cartridge!

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Sketch Round-Up Nov. 6-19

Life is beautiful. Scrapbook it! 

A nostalgic link to the past, scrapbooks — whether a jam-packed 12×12 album or a smaller 8×8 Paper Album or anything in between — hold everything from pretty paper and foiled embellishments to newspaper clippings, movie stubs, crinkled handwritten letters and candid shots of loved ones we wouldn’t want to lose. And with the upcoming U.S. Thanksgiving holiday, it’s the perfect time to dish out, celebrate and preserve what is meaningful and to practice gratitude for a life well-lived and true-story experiences. Feast on these four sketch ideas and think of memories you would give thanks to with this rendition of the Sketch Round-Up!

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Mint Condition Christmas Scrapbook Borders With Candy Cane Stripes

As soon as the holiday season arrives to town — like Santa on his sleigh — grocery store shelves are stacked high with tasty, festive treats like milk chocolate Santas, trees and gelt, hot cocoa and mini marshmallow kits, gingerbread houses, Linzer, snickerdoodle and frosted cookies, almond bark, fruitcakes… the sugar-ladened list goes on and on! And candy canes are also a sweet, minty emblem of the season, being used everywhere as decoration, a kiddo’s calming pacifier, a crunchy baking element or as a stirring stick for a pepperminty cup of coffee… and as a integral part of these Christmas scrapbook borders!

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