An Essentials Geometric Scrapbook Idea You’ll Love

If you have a penchant for patterned, brightly colored papers, you’ll love the Essentials Tone-on-Tone Paper Pack. It’s full of quirky, geometric, primary-toned goodness that is as versatile as it is fun. It was the simplicity and beauty of the Essentials collection that inspired today’s fantastic geometric scrapbook layout; the creative angle cuts and clever paper placement to create a unique graphic backdrop for your latest fun photos. No matter what type of photos you want to use this layout for, this Essentials classic scrapbook layout is a great choice for your project.

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Play With a Primary Palette with this Essentials Classic Scrapbook Layout

When making a beautiful scrapbook layout, two things you want to pay extra attention to are the colors you use and the tiny details you add to the page. Thankfully, the Essentials collection is rich in both of those things. The Tone-on-Tone Paper Pack has a rich primary palette that feels incredibly classic, and the Accent Paper Pack uses stunning silver foil to add character to any page. You can combine these two paper packs with other products from the Essentials collection to make a primary color scrapbook layout that works with nearly any theme. Read more to find out how!

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The Brainiac with Bookworm

How exciting!!!  A collection for all of your school memories.

As you may remember, I am new to the scrapbooking part of papercrafting.  I have a pile of my kids’ school memories that need to get into books.  I am not overwhelmed by the process. I figure I will let the paper “speak” to me.  That is exactly what this Bookworm Collection did to me.  It spoke to me when picking a photo.  My daughter spoke to me as well!  When I showed her the picture that I decided on she said, “really Mom, you couldn’t have picked another picture that made me look less dorky?”.

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