Weekly Sketch Round-Up Jan. 13-17

How do you describe the feeling of inspiration? What are the emotions you feel when you’re creating something that you’re passionate about? In order to keep the spark of life going, it’s important that we stay inspired as often as possible. Check out these four sketches and project ideas to get your weekly spark of inspiration!

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Weekly Sketch Round-Up Jan. 6-10

Want to know the best part about creative block? It never lasts too long… when you have the WEEKLY SKETCH ROUND-UP for inspiration, that is! Come on, let’s get our creative gears turning!

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Weekly Sketch Round-Up Dec. 30 – Jan. 3

It’s the first Weekly Sketch Round-Up of the new year! This week is all about people setting New Year’s resolutions, and speaking from our own experience, scrapbookers everywhere have made the resolution this week to take time to crop more. Were you one of those people? If so, let us help you keep your resolution on track with four great project ideas for you to try out! Check them out and start 2020 off on the right foot!

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Weekly Sketch Round-Up Dec. 23-27

Well, you did it. You survived the holiday season. The errands have slowed down, the obligations are no more and life should be moving at a nice, relaxed pace until the new year begins. Need something to do to keep the boredom at bay? Check out these project ideas in today’s Weekly Sketch Round-Up!

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Weekly Sketch Round-Up Dec. 16-20

Are you hoping to have some down time this week and take a break from the madness of the holiday season? It’s always a good idea to enjoy a little me-time when life gets so busy, and we have four project ideas for you to try! Check out today’s Weekly Sketch Round-Up and sneak away to your craft room to put these projects together!

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Weekly Sketch Round-Up Dec. 9-13

The holiday season is in full swing, which means it can sometimes be hard to find with the inspiration (or the time, more likely) to sit down and scrapbook. There’s so much going on this time of year, so we don’t blame you if you’re struggling to come up with new layout ideas on your own. Thankfully, that’s where the Weekly Sketch Round-Up comes in handy! Check out these four project ideas and get started today!

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Weekly Sketch Round-Up Dec. 2-6

One of the many beautiful things about scrapbooking is how much freedom comes with it. You’re only ever limited by your imagination and the products that you have — aside from that, the world is your crafting oyster! We recently released 10 new theme packs, which open up all sorts of new project possibilities for you. Check out these sketches and start creating your own!

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Weekly Sketch Round-Up Nov. 25-29

Whew. Take a deep breath — the Thanksgiving craziness is over. It’s time to pause and enjoy a moment or two to yourself before the next wave of holiday excitement comes your way. Treat yourself to some scrapbooking or crafting this week — you’ve earned it! Need some ideas? Here are four great ones you can try!

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Weekly Sketch Round-Up Nov. 18-22

Everyone knows just how hectic the gift-giving season can be. You spend so much time doing the things you have to do, that sometimes you aren’t able to squeeze in the things you actually want to do. We all know it’s important to take a break from the hustle and bustle and squeeze in some time to do the things we truly enjoy, like scrapbooking! Take a look at these three sketches and let them inspire you to create projects during that precious downtime!

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Weekly Sketch Round-Up Nov. 11-15

Need some layout ideas to try this week? Looking for that next border that’s going to add the finishing touch to your projects? Maybe you want a fun card idea to test run before making multiples to send before Christmas? You’re in luck — today’s Weekly Sketch Round-Up has all those things! Check it out!

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