Sketch Round-Up Nov. 1-14

Every season has a reason… and being crafters, there’s always a reason to scrapbook! During summertime, we scrapbook. It’s fun to spring into crafting action in springtime — no rain on our parade. Autumn — the perfect time to fall into new projects. And come the polar vortex months, burrowing in your craft room and letting your creativity heat up (like a steaming cup of coffee, hot toddy or tea!) is consistently heartwarming. Speaking of winter, celebrate this season with these four frosty finds from the blog — it’s time for another Sketch Round-Up!

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Sketch Round-Up Oct. 18-31

Time flies by when you’re having fun… and the month of October sure whizzed by at lightning speed with all the FUN that was had — cool collections, packed promos, community connections, Croptoberfest events, virtual get-togethers and more! Well, if you have a spare moment to relax and let your creativity unwind and ascend to awesome, artsy adventures, then take a look at these four ideas down below — welcome to another edition of the Sketch Round-Up!

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Sketch Round-Up Oct. 4-17

It may only be October, but we have sugar plums dancing in our head! And that’s because we’re prepping for the most wonderful time of the year with the four superb scrapbooking sketches that feature Joy to the World products! You can never prep too early for the yuletide season, so check out this week’s Sketch Round-Up and make these fabulous and fa-la-la-la lovely projects now so your festive photos pop off the page!

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Sketch Round-Up Sept. 20-Oct. 3

Have a bit of scrapper’s block? (It happens to all of us, and that is A-OK!) Sometimes, looking at a scrapbook sketch can help spark some inspiration! The daily ideas posted on the blog help give exact measurements and where to place elements so you can spend your valuable time doing the fun part — making it your own and having your special moments shine! You are the author and artist of your memories. Get ready, get set and let your innovation have a grand ol’ time! It’s time for the Sketch Round-Up!

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Sketch Round-Up Sept. 6-19

Coming off of last weekend’s Worldwide Virtual Crop, we can definitely say a lot of lovely layouts, pretty projects and brilliant beauties were made! (Kudos to you!) But even when these sketch challenges are completed and posted (psst, scroll through the Virtual Crop Facebook Group to see all the awesome projects that crafters like you submitted!), inspiration and innovation are always at your fingertips! Case and point — the Sketch Round-Up! In fact, we have four sketches to show to you that we hope you create AND make your own! Enjoy, scrappers!

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Sketch Round-Up Aug. 23-Sept. 5

We’re feeling all the scrapbook-y warm and fuzzies — these last few weeks have been brimming with packed promos, cool collections, Croptoberfest bonanzas… and so much more! In between all these awesome offers and crafty celebrations, take a little time for yourself and stretch your creative muscles with sketches — like these four inspiring standouts!

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Sketch Round-Up Aug. 9-22

A scrapbook sketch is a starting point for a design, like a blueprint. It gives you a general idea of where to place photos, titles, journal areas and other elements. (But there is no law stating you can’t move the features of a page around — you have free rein!) Sketches come in varying neutral tones so that you can think about different hues and pattens that fit your style. It’s inspiration for your own creations! Today we have four sketches that we know you’ll make into custom concoctions. Have a go and have fun!

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Sketch Round-Up July 26-Aug. 8

Scrapbooking is difficult.


Scrapbooking can be anything you want it to be! At its core, scrapbooking is a way to preserve memories by combining photos with words that tell a story. And you know what? It’s your story, so your rules apply! You can be as elaborate as you want or as minimalistic as you please. You can bounce ideas off other scrappers for innovative ideas and put your own creative twist on it or you can follow along to a T with online tutorials, videos, Project Recipes™ and many other step-by-step outlets. And here’s another instance that can help drive and promote easy scrapbooking opportunities — the Weekly Sketch Round-Up!

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Sketch Round-Up July 12-25

Here’s today’s agenda for you: scrapbooking, of course! Corral your trimmer, adhesives, pens, stickers, papers and more, for it’s time for another Sketch Round-Up with a lineup of innovative ideas, pretty projects and dynamic designs! Let’s go!

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Sketch Round-Up June 28-July 11

Talk about a weekend of scraptastic sketches, community connections, insights and ideas, lovely layouts and so much more — the July Virtual Crop has been a top-notch event. And that’s all thanks to you! Let’s keep that cropping adrenaline pumping, shall we? Here are four more ideas for you to tackle and to put your own creative spin on!

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