Sketch Round-Up Jan. 24-Feb. 6

From dazzling designer papers to terrific tonal papers, fun stickers and foiled embellishments, close-cutting scissors and perfectly precise trimmers, personality-filled punches and bold BMCs, there are so many wonderful scrapbooking supplies and tools out there in the world! But remember, you are the creator of your designs! Mix and match, use a little or a lot, play for fun, put together professionally… whatever your heart desires to make a marvel masterpiece for your album! Mosey through these ideas and challenge yourself to make them your very own!

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Sketch Round-Up Jan. 10-23

Sketches are two-fold winning wonders… how so? Well, for one, you can develop stunning projects without having to go to the trouble of designing a page completely from scratch — the blueprints are right there for you to work off of! On the flip side, sketches also allow you the freedom to include whatever tickles your scrapbooking fancy and means most to you — little knick-knacks and memorabilia, handwritten stories, special photos and embellishments, stickers and borders that add a punch of personal pizzazz and signature style. Whichever side to sketches you lean toward (or maybe a combo of the two!), they’re a surefire way to get the creativity flowing! Let’s see what you put together with these innovative ideas below.

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Sketch Round-Up Dec. 27-Jan. 9

Happy 2022! Many across the world ring in the new year by setting goals and resolutions. (Fun fact: The ancient Babylonians are said to have started New Year’s resolutions over 4,000 years ago!)

And with these plans and adventures that people aspire to achieve, how about adding some crafty goals to the list?! They can be anything from cleaning and sorting your craft room to attending virtual events, growing your CM business or simply setting aside more time to scrapbook. Even more so, how about learning new techniques and making even more layouts, cards and borders? Well, we have a way to kick off the latter just for you — the first Sketch Round-Up of 2022! Have fun and happy crafting in the year head!

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Sketch Round-Up Dec. 13-26

Well, folks, this is the last Sketch Round-Up of 2021… but you better believe 2022 will be FULL of even more Sketch Round-Ups, a bounty of blog posts, clickable cool videos and helpful tutorials, packed promos, fantastic launches and more (and that’s just for January!). We’re feeling the good vibes for sure, and can’t wait to see what you make from these extra-good sketches! Let’s go and enjoy the latest 2021 edition of the Sketch Round-Up.

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Sketch Round-Up Nov. 29-Dec. 12

2021 may be dwindling down, but inspiration is always in supply, whether it’s the blog, insight and input fellow Advisors and customers, video tutorials and YouTube, Virtual Crops and more! We’re hope you’re ready for a boost of beautiful ideas, for the time is NOW for another Sketch Round-Up! Make these today and share with us (and your scrappy friends!) your finished projects!

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Sketch Round-Up Nov. 15-28

The hustle and bustle of the festive season has truly hit! From Friendsgivings to office parties, Hanukkah, as well as the upcoming Boxing Day and Christmas events with family, it’s definitely a busy time of year. But even with all those outings and plans, the joy of sitting down to make a layout with the grandkids or gifting a handmade card to a next-door acquaintance makes the season more special. Tap into your crafty trimmings and trappings by making these project ideas — here we go with another Sketch Round-Up!

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Sketch Round-Up Nov. 1-14

Every season has a reason… and being crafters, there’s always a reason to scrapbook! During summertime, we scrapbook. It’s fun to spring into crafting action in springtime — no rain on our parade. Autumn — the perfect time to fall into new projects. And come the polar vortex months, burrowing in your craft room and letting your creativity heat up (like a steaming cup of coffee, hot toddy or tea!) is consistently heartwarming. Speaking of winter, celebrate this season with these four frosty finds from the blog — it’s time for another Sketch Round-Up!

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Sketch Round-Up Oct. 18-31

Time flies by when you’re having fun… and the month of October sure whizzed by at lightning speed with all the FUN that was had — cool collections, packed promos, community connections, Croptoberfest events, virtual get-togethers and more! Well, if you have a spare moment to relax and let your creativity unwind and ascend to awesome, artsy adventures, then take a look at these four ideas down below — welcome to another edition of the Sketch Round-Up!

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Sketch Round-Up Oct. 4-17

It may only be October, but we have sugar plums dancing in our head! And that’s because we’re prepping for the most wonderful time of the year with the four superb scrapbooking sketches that feature Joy to the World products! You can never prep too early for the yuletide season, so check out this week’s Sketch Round-Up and make these fabulous and fa-la-la-la lovely projects now so your festive photos pop off the page!

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Sketch Round-Up Sept. 20-Oct. 3

Have a bit of scrapper’s block? (It happens to all of us, and that is A-OK!) Sometimes, looking at a scrapbook sketch can help spark some inspiration! The daily ideas posted on the blog help give exact measurements and where to place elements so you can spend your valuable time doing the fun part — making it your own and having your special moments shine! You are the author and artist of your memories. Get ready, get set and let your innovation have a grand ol’ time! It’s time for the Sketch Round-Up!

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