Sketch Round-Up Oct. 3-16

October sure has been a busy month, from this weekend’s Virtual Crop (it ends tonight at 11:59pm CT!) to a pop-up Coupon Promo, packed launches and brand-new tools and more. And so, we say you should take the time — “me” time — and get lost in fresh projects and let your creative juices go wild! Unplug, unwind and undertake these four sketches to transform your “me” time into scrappy “glee” time!

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Sketch Round-Up Sept. 19-Oct. 2

Got containers, totes, boxes and shelves of scrapbooking materials but having some trouble thinking of what to dream up? Let the Sketch Round-Up help you out! We give you the ideas, and you’re off and running to easy-to-make projects. Check these beauts out.

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Sketch Round-Up Sept. 5-18

September meant the Worldwide Virtual Crop was on the agenda, and if the jam-packed, global get-together wasn’t enough inspiration and innovation for you, we posted four sketches this past week to our Instagram account to further motivate your cool creativity, scrappy style and divine designs. (Psst, they are all autumn-themed ideas, but you can make them in any way you want!) Enjoy!

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Sketch Round-Up Aug. 22-Sept. 4

Who has been having a busy 2022 so far? Weddings, birthdays, baby showers and baptisms, plays and dance recitals, sporting events, concerts, farmers’ markets, graduations, local festivals and fairs, family vacations… there’s so much that can go on in a year! Well, once your calendar has cleared up a bit, take a breather for yourself and let those memories stand the test of time by making these scrapbooking ideas! Switch up the theme, make them your own or follow them to a T — at the end of the day, it’s all about preserving your special events and memories.

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Sketch Round-Up Aug. 8-21

Scrapbooking is all about coming up with ways to remember special times and stories — spotlighting photos you have printed over the years, preserving precious childhood drawings you can’t part with, showing off handwritten notes and memorabilia of all kinds, like invitations, programs, ticket stubs… you name it and more! They’re the chapters of your life (or of others if it’s a heartfelt gift)!

Well, to keep flourishing that preservation-meets-creation mojo, take a look at these sketches and be inspired to set aside an afternoon (or two or three!) to create lasting memories!

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Sketch Round-Up July 25-Aug. 7

Where does your inspiration stem from? Is it on Pinterest as you bookmark images that catch your eye? Is from pulling out old photos in those tucked away boxes and reminiscing on the good ol’ days? Or is it simply spending time with family and friends and wanting to preserve those moments forever? Whatever roots your creations, it’s important to capture them! To give you another source of inspiration oomph, take a look at these four scrapbooking sketches, for ideation leads to creation!

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Sketch Round-Up July 11-24

What was the last project you made? Was it a card, border or layout? Did it have a theme? Was it neutral in hues or bright and bold? Did you adorn it with foiled embellishments, border stickers or gemstones? Whatever your answers are, that’s the beauty of scrapbooking — it’s up to you, for you are the artist of your memory-keeping designs! Take a look at these four sketches (and their complementary finished designs) and test out how you would make them your own! It’s time for another Sketch Round-Up!

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Sketch Round-Up June 27-July 10

From Virtual Crop weekends (like this one!) to Completed Album Challenges, launch days and pop-up promos in between, there is always something going on in the CM world! Another item to add to the design docket? The blog, of course! The blog is a great resource for fresh ideas, innovative techniques and more… including Sketch Round-Ups! It’s true! The Sketch Round-Up is an easy way to get a gamut of scrappy goodies at your fingertips. And this edition is no different — see for yourself with these brand-new ideas!

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Sketch Round-Up June 13-26

How do you interpret sketches? Do you follow them to a T with the listed products or do you put your own creative spin on it with your own tools and supplies on hand? No matter the route you take, crafting is never a wrong answer! Put your artful brain to the creative test with these four fresh sketches — it’s time for another Sketch Round-Up!

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Sketch Round-Up May 30-June 12

The Worldwide Virtual Crop may be coming to a close (it ends at 11:59pm CT on Monday, June 13, so post all that you’ve made on the Virtual Crop Facebook Group!), but scrapping fun is never done! To keep the momentum going, here’s another edition of the Sketch Round-Up! Have you made these projects yet — or are you inspired to now?!

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