Sketch Round-Up June 27-July 10

From Virtual Crop weekends (like this one!) to Completed Album Challenges, launch days and pop-up promos in between, there is always something going on in the CM world! Another item to add to the design docket? The blog, of course! The blog is a great resource for fresh ideas, innovative techniques and more… including Sketch Round-Ups! It’s true! The Sketch Round-Up is an easy way to get a gamut of scrappy goodies at your fingertips. And this edition is no different — see for yourself with these brand-new ideas!

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Sketch Round-Up June 13-26

How do you interpret sketches? Do you follow them to a T with the listed products or do you put your own creative spin on it with your own tools and supplies on hand? No matter the route you take, crafting is never a wrong answer! Put your artful brain to the creative test with these four fresh sketches — it’s time for another Sketch Round-Up!

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Sketch Round-Up May 30-June 12

The Worldwide Virtual Crop may be coming to a close (it ends at 11:59pm CT on Monday, June 13, so post all that you’ve made on the Virtual Crop Facebook Group!), but scrapping fun is never done! To keep the momentum going, here’s another edition of the Sketch Round-Up! Have you made these projects yet — or are you inspired to now?!

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Sketch Round-Up May 16-29

We’re all sunshine and smiles, for today’s Sketch Round-Up features just that — sunshine, smiles and scrapbooking fun! Each of the four sketches features items from the Sunrays for Days collection, but you can totally make it your own with any collection! Give these a go, play with your own products and let your creativity beam like a brilliant summer’s day!

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Sketch Round-Up May 2-15

Morning, noon or night — any time is a great time to get those memories down on paper (designer, tone-on-tone, cardstock, you name it!). If you’re itching to get your photos and stories into your album, then take a look at these ideas to turn ideation into creation! Here we go with another Sketch Round-Up!

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Sketch Round-Up April 18-May 1

Okay, scrappers — how many projects are you currently working on? One layout? Five different layouts? A project potpourri of spreads, borders, cards and more? Whatever it may be, no matter how many, we’re always so happy that you’re creating and innovating (and sharing the final outcomes, too!). Well, if you want to add a couple more designs to your upcoming design docket, then feast your eyes on this Sketch Round-Up!

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Sketch Round-Up April 4-17

What adventures and happenings have you enjoyed recently? Family get-togethers? Buying a new house? Birthday parties? Day trips hiking with friends? Or even simple moments at home playing with your pets or trying out new recipes? No matter the occasion, there’s always a reason to capture in-the-moment memories! Which of these four sketches will inspire your next preservation project?

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Sketch Round-Up March 21-April 3

How many scrapbook pages would you guess you’ve made in your life? Just a couple dozen? Hundreds? Thousands? Even more?! Well, no matter if you’re a beginner or long-time pro, each page you scrapbook is unique and fun to make! And if you need a boost of inspiration for your 10th or 1,010th scrapbook project, then take a peek at the Sketch Round-Up and keep adding to those albums!

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Sketch Round-Up March 7-20

Short on time? Start with a sketch! Need inspiration? Look toward a sketch! Want to experiment a new technique? Tap into a sketch! Just put on your scrapper’s hat, plug in your photos, papers and embellishments you have on hand, add a bit of handwritten stories and presto — a pretty, polished  and perfectly personal layout! Test out these sketches below to see how easy they are to put together… and how much fun they are to make, too!

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Sketch Round-Up Feb. 21-March 6

Do you ever pull out your picture printouts, totes of tools and packs of paper, sit down… and just have no idea what to make with them? (Worry not, it happens to all of us!) Well, one way to hurdle over this scrapbooking obstacle is to tap into the game plan of scrapbooking sketches! Follow it to a T or let it inspire you to makeshift your own creation — sketches are an easy head start for your next project. Go off and running with these four sketches!

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