Create Beautiful Beach-Themed Scrapbook Borders with the Maritime Collection

Are you happiest with the water beneath you and a cold drink in your hand? Is your favorite sound in the world the crashing and splashing of waves? If so, you aren’t alone. Many people find their happy place on a boat or by the water, so it’s no wonder that the Maritime collection has become so popular! It comes with a wide variety of options for customizable borders that really bring the page to life, and blog contributor Krislyn will show you how to create beach scrapbook borders that make every page look like it came straight from the sea.

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5 Hot Summer Scrapbook Collections for 2018

As July comes to an end, you have inevitably racked up quite the collection of summertime photos. Whether they’re from days at the beach, the Fourth of July, trips to the fair or any other summertime activity, you’re likely starting to think about what you want to do with all of these photos. Luckily, we’ve got a wide assortment of different summer scrapbook collections that will make your summertime photos shine. Show off photos of your vacation by the water, your homegrown garden photos and anything in between that screams “summer” to you with these 5 Hot Summer Collections for 2018. Continue reading 5 Hot Summer Scrapbook Collections for 2018

Turn Summer Scrapbook Ideas into a Story with the Mix & Match Two-Page Layout

Looking for a fun summer scrapbook layout full of color and character? This Mix & Match two-page layout gives you a vibrant canvas to display all of your summer photos in a fun and exciting way. Although there are a lot of layers to it, this Mix & Match layout is actually pretty simple to complete. Read on to learn how you can bring your summer scrapbook to life!

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Brilliant Blue Mix & Match Scrapbook Layout

Happy #LaunchDay everyone! Today we launched the stunning new Mix & Match collection that features five Paper Packs and five Embellishments Packs with a bright and cheerful palette (available in Blue, Pink, Orange, Yellow and Green) and designs that coordinate perfectly! In just a few quick steps, you can create a stunning layout in any of the colors. Check it out!

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Sun-Kissed Slice of Summer Layout

Typically the Labor Day weekend here in the states means that summer is coming to an abrupt end.  It means floating in the pool one last time, or splashing in the lake.  It means soaking up as much sun as you possibly can before the long winter hits.

Make sure that you remember to document all the summer’s memories–before it is gone.  Did you take a vacation to the ocean?  Or maybe just a weekend away to the cabin?  Whatever it was, make sure you have it in your scrapbooks for years to come!

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This Way To The Beach

Hello everybody! Summer is starting to wind down a bit in my household. We have been spending less time at the beach and more time gathering things needed for the new school year, new clothes, shoes etc. Soon, soccer practice will begin and nights fighting with Edward to do his homework at the kitchen table will surely drive me a little crazy, but I am looking forward to it!

Last week, I managed to pull Edward off his computer so we could spend the day at the beach. It was during the week which was great because it was just the two of us. The weather was perfect and Edward was perfectly content and relaxed, playing in the sand. I love watching him enjoy the simpler things in life. I try to take lots of photos to savor the moments I love best.

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Make it a Happy Day– With Slice of Summer

Why is it that summer comes and goes SO FAST?

One of my all time favorite things about summer is enjoying a nice big slice of watermelon!  It just speaks SUMMER!  And, every single child loves to indulge in it as well. So, before the summer ends, we had to make sure to capture these precious moments.

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Make a Splash with the Slice of Summer Collection

Right now it is a mere 98 degrees here in Minnesota.  It’s not always cold here.  We do get the heat occasionally, and with that comes the humidity, and then the “feels like” temperature goes up even more.

With there being 10,000 lakes here usually the place to cool off is in the lake.  However, for Advisor Beth Thomander and her family of Nova Scotia Canada, cooling off means a jump in the pool.  That just sounds refreshing right about now.

How do you beat the heat?

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